Photo: Dr. Tim Grieves, chief administrator of Northwest AEA, congratulated Iver Mettler from Kinsey Elementary in Sioux Center during the PBIS Forum in March.

Congratulations to the 14 schools in Northwest AEA being honored for their Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) implementation efforts for the 2016-17 school year (107 across the State)! 

To qualify for one of the six levels of recognition, schools were provided the opportunity to complete an application and submit evidence by December 31, 2017. As part of the review process, PBIS coordinators approve the award level based upon submitted products, student outcome data, and implementation fidelity data. The criteria for each level aligns with a stage of implementation, with criteria building from the planning stage of Emerging Level through full implementation and sustaining, or the Paramount Level.

Emerging Level
These schools completed training (Tier 1) during 2016-17 school year and developed all of the products needed to begin implementation. They were ready to roll out their PBIS plan in the fall of 2017. The following Northwest AEA schools met criteria for the Emerging Level:

  • Charter Oak-Ute K-8
  • MOC-FV Middle
  • Morningside STEM Elementary

Honor Level
Schools that earned the Honor Level award have rolled out their PBIS plan to students, staff, and families. They have identified and taught behavioral expectations and implemented systems to develop a consistent response to appropriate and problem behaviors. The building team meets regularly and is using data to inform decisions. The following Northwest AEA schools met criteria for the Honor Level:

  • East HS
  • Sergeant Bluff-Luton Elementary

Honor Plus Level
Honor Plus is awarded to schools that are implementing universal (Tier 1) features with fidelity. Additionally, classroom systems and family/community involvement are included in their plan. These schools are developing targeted (Tier 2) systems and have defined a decision rule to identify students who may benefit from additional supports. The following Northwest AEA schools met criteria for the Honor Plus Level:

  • Hunt Elementary
  • Loess Hills Elementary

Banner Level
Banner schools are sustaining universal (Tier 1) and targeted (Tier 2) systems and practices. Students are accessing interventions such as Check in/Check out and 50 percent are responding positively to the support. The Tier 2 team engages families and staff and uses a daily progress report to progress monitor student response to additional supports. The following Northwest AEA schools met criteria for the Banner Level:

  • North HS 
  • South O'Brien Elementary

Banner Plus Level
Schools applying for Banner Plus have an established menu of two or more interventions at Tier 2, are demonstrating positive student outcomes of 70 percent or better and are sustaining fidelity at the  universal (Tier 1) and targeted (Tier 2) levels.  Teams have documented positive outcomes in their data across multiple years. The following Northwest AEA schools met criteria for the Banner Plus Level:

  • Gehlen Catholic Elementary
  • Kinsey Elementary
  • South O'Brien Elementary
  • Spalding Park Elementary
  • West Monona Elementary

We are proud to recognize the outstanding efforts of PBIS schools within Northwest AEA!