COMING SOON! Northwest AEA's registration system will be unavailable beginning April 30 through early May 13. We will be transitioning to a new Statewide AEA Professional Learning Registration System. During that time period, registrations cannot be made online. You may register by mail or fax only. Please click for the Printable Registration Form.

Beginning on May 14, our new Statewide AEA Professional Learning Registration System link will be available on the Northwest AEA website. 

For more information, contact Carolyn Smith at 712-/222-­6033 or 

or Joyce Vander Wilt at 712/722-­7805 or

To view May and summer professional development opportunities, click here:


The Benefits of the New Registration System

Iowa’s AEAs and AEA Learning Online have been collaborating to move our individual professional learning and licensure registration systems to a statewide professional learning registration system. Having one registration system will provide participants with a much larger offering of professional learning activities through a statewide catalog. It also creates greater equity and consistency in programming and resources to help support quality professional development and licensure programming.


View All Offerings That Are Available Statewide

Individuals who use the system will be able to see all courses and activities that are available across the state. Users may search by specific courses, topics, location and more. 


Instructors Will Find a User Friendly System

There are system enhancements for instructors! Once an instructor enters a course in the system, they don’t have to repeat that process again. They simply enter a new section for that activity. That includes the syllabus. Once a syllabus is approved, it’s valid across all AEAs! 


All Completed Courses Will Be in One Transcript

In the new system, there will be one common transcript that shows all courses taken by an individual, including courses from AEA Learning Online. Anything that the individual has taken from an Iowa AEA will show up in one document. Users will be able to print their own transcripts and receipts for tax purposes. 


Split the Payments!

Split payment options for credit cards and/or purchase orders will be available in the new system. 


Login is Easy and Familiar

Users of the new system will log in using their existing email and password that they use to login to take AEA Learning Online courses as well as Mandatory Reporter and Bloodborne Pathogens trainings.