Last month's "Forum Question of the Month" generated no dialogue among the 5,000-plus educators across northwest Iowa. So, we'd like to see what YOU want to discuss—Northwest AEA is happy to CONNECT you to other educators across the area. You would essentially have the opportunity to ask thousands of people a question, and it can be done anonymously.

Send a question to Liz Determan, communications coordinator, and she will post it on the forum so that ideas, suggestions and conversations can take place. There is no limit on the number of "forums" that can be posted.

Do you have a question about what others are doing in similar positions at different districts?

Do you need assistance with instruction?

Do you want ideas for a future lesson plan?

Are you curious how others are finding success in certain areas?

Send your questions in and Northwest AEA will post them confidentially. Here is the link to the forum. Or if you have content-specific questions or thoughts, we can post them to that area. For a full list, click here.