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Veterans Day
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Primary, 00:55:16, Lucerne Media, 1997
Explains the origin and significance of Veterans Day.

Meet the Seasons: Fall
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Primary, 00:16:32, Lucerne Media, 1997
Explores the season of fall and its holidays.

In November (450215)
F/RYL5; Rylant, Cynthia; K-12 books, P, Follett, 2008; 0152063420
Describes the autumn activities and traditions that November's cooling temperatures bring.
Edition 1st Voyager Books ed
CastKastner, Jill
ANPU003 ICrlF 005 20100908053200.0

video, Primary - Senior High, 00:05:10, BBC Motion Gallery Education, 1998
November brings the family together for Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S.; but in this series, we check out what this month may mean to some of our fellow living creatures around the world.

This Day in History, November 26
video, Intermediate - Senior High, 00:01:15, A&E Television Networks, 2007
President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs a bill officially establishing the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving in the United States.

Election Day
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Primary, 00:01:58, Lucerne Media, 1997
Discusses the Holiday Election Day.

video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Primary, 00:02:37, Lucerne Media, 1997
Discusses Thanksgiving and the holiday's origin.

November Holidays and Celebrations (052213)
Boxed books, P, Sound-Color,
Contains 7 books. Titles include: Election Day; Thanksgiving Day; Veterans Day; Day of the Dead; Thanksgiving; Thanksgiving at the Tappletons'; Ramadan.

The Story Of Veterans Day
video, Intermediate - Senior High, 00:22:04, A&E Television Networks, 2004
Enjoy this stirring consideration of our annual opportunity to pay tribute and respect to the men and women who served their country. Meet the men and women Veterans Day is meant to honor. Archival material and interviews illustrate this holiday since its founding. Armistice Day, marking the end of WWI, was formally changed to Veterans Day in 1954. They served, they sacrificed, they fulfilled their duty, and they deserve our thanks. And on November 11 of each year, Veterans Day, we have an opportunity to demonstrate our deep appreciation. Largely intended to honor living veterans, this all-American holiday gives us a chance to reflect on what it means to send men and women to war and to celebrate their dedication. This moving THE HISTORY CHANNEL(R) documentary explores the holiday from its initial founding as Armistice Day after World War I through contemporary parades and commemorations. With archival footage and photographs of soldiers past and present, THE STORY OF VETERANS DAY reveals the experiences of American soldiers from throughout U.S. history. Featuring first person stories and recollections, these compelling stories shed light on the many ways men and women of diverse backgrounds have given their time, skills, and dedication to military service in the name of freedoms we all hold dear. A nation's character can be judged by how it honors its warriors. See how America stacks up with THE STORY OF VETERANS DAY.

Veterans Day Ceremonies and Events
video, Primary - Junior High, 00:03:44, Colman Communications, 2007
A review is shown of the Veteran's Day ceremonies and events that take place on November 11th each year.