Northwest AEA Media offers a variety of ebooks and audiobooks as well as a large print collection. What are the benefits of using ebooks and audiobooks in the classroom? One of the big advantages is access for students. Since ebooks and digital audiobooks are available online, they are available 24/7. Another benefit of audiobooks and ebooks that have text to speech capabilities, is helping struggling readers select books at grade level. When the primary focus is not on decoding, students are able to acquire meaning and understanding of text listening to books or reading along with the text.  Ebooks and audiobooks can help readers with their vocabulary development, fluency, and proper pronunciation of words. In most ebook readers, students will have the ability to adjust text size, use the built-in dictionary, highlight text, do keyword searches, adjust the reading speed, and take notes.

Northwest AEA Media has a large collection of ebooks and audiobooks.

  • BookFlix - An online literacy resource that pairs fictional video storybooks with related nonfiction books. Includes a read-aloud feature along with classroom ideas and lesson plans.

  • TrueFlix - Combines Scholastic True Books content with related videos, Web links and text. Includes a read-aloud feature. TrueFlix recently added a Physical Science category and in January will add a Health category along with a biography of Pope Francis.

  • FreedomFlix - FreedomFlix™ is an online resource with content on American history and ancient cultures. All the eBooks include related content and primary sources featuring videos, audio, images, and text. All books include an optional natural-voice read-along of all text, sidebars and captions. Educator resources include lesson plans, writing prompts and whiteboard activities.

  • MackinVia (eBooks and digital audiobooks) - Northwest AEA has purchased eBooks and digital audiobooks for use in our schools. MackinVia is an online portal that makes it easy to access these eBooks and digital audiobooks. MackinVia eBooks can also be read on tablets, mobile devices and smartphones by downloading the free app.

  • CyberSmarts and Teen Cybersmarts - Each resource provides five interactive ebooks with information about staying safe online. Lesson plans, reproducibles and research prompts are included.

  • Fable Learning - Fable Learning is an eBook collection. Fable Learning's collection includes both fiction and nonfiction and covers Pre-K through 8th grade content. Fable Learning also includes a Spanish Bilingual collection. Each eBook has been adapted and professionally narrated for digital streaming

  • Lending Library Playaways - A popular item in our lending library, playaways are all-in-one audiobooks that resemble MP3 players. Playaways are packaged with the print book so students can listen and read along. There are currently about 1,600 playaway titles available.