I recently viewed an edWeb media presentation with the title above. The presenters, Windy Lopez-Aflitto and Medha Tare, reviewed recent data that I found thought-provoking.  

According to Learning Heroes national research (https://bealearninghero.org/), there is a big gap between what parents think about their child’s grade level progress versus how their child is actually performing. This data is based on K-8 parents regardless of race, income, geography, or education level.

Ninety percent of PARENTS believe their child is at/above grade level in reading and math*

Thirty-nine percent of TEACHERS report their students start the school year prepared for grade-level work*








*Learning Heroes, Parents 2017

**Scholastic Teacher & Principal School Report 2016

Learning Heroes has addressed this gap by creating a readiness check. Parents can go online and have their child answer three to five questions in the areas of math and reading to see if the child is able to complete grade-level work. The website also has a lot of good resources parents can access to assist their child at school.

As I think about this data, I find myself wondering the following:

  1. Would the data look the same in other school areas, such as behavior?
  2. Do parents understand the academic expectations of their children here in northwest Iowa?
  3. What can I, Northwest Area Education Agency, and the local school districts do to insure this gap doesn’t exist?

I will be doing some research into the above questions this year. If you have any thoughts/comments I would love to hear them. Please email Pam Woelber, Parent Education Connection coordinator, at pwoelber@nwaea.org or (712)222-3067.