Relationships, Responsiveness, and Results are the three anchors at Northwest AEA. During this challenging year, those three anchors are especially important. By working together, school district employees and Northwest AEA employees have found different—yet still effective—ways to communicate, to serve, and to learn from this experience.  

Each fall, the Northwest AEA regional administrators set up partnership meetings with the administrators in the school districts they serve. These partnership meetings are happening now. The purpose of these meetings is multi-faceted. It gives the school district and Northwest AEA employees a chance to meet as a group. For some "newbies" it is the first chance to introduce themselves to the group. It gives the school district administrators the opportunity to connect faces to the names of the people who support them.  Most importantly, it gives the administrators a chance to talk about what is important to their school districts and some insight into how Northwest AEA can better support them.

A quick guide to learning who serves your district:  

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