PBIS Apps 

This school year, your school will modify its PBIS implementation to work with the changing ways students learn. Whether students engage in distance learning, they attend in-person, or find themselves rotating between the two, assessing your implementation is critical for PBIS to work for everyone.

This year, schools should prioritize taking the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI). The TFI is the best survey you can take to assess your school’s fidelity of implementation. Here are our recommendations for collecting and entering the survey in PBIS Assessment while your teams are remote.

The TFI Walkthrough 

The TFI Walkthrough is a 15-minute round of interviews with students and teachers related to Tier 1 implementation. The answers collected during the interviews affect your score for a few questions on the TFI survey. So, do you have to do it while you’re engaged in distance learning?

The TFI Survey 

If you’re able to conduct the TFI in-person, great! Do that. If any part of your team is remote, conducting the TFI is still possible. First, schedule a time with your team and your external coach. Find a time that works for everyone. Then, ask your PBIS assessment coordinator, Theresa Dehn, to open the survey for you in PBIS Assessment so it’s ready to go when you meet as a team. 

Taking the TFI remotely works the same way it would if you were physically in the same room with each other. Share your screen in your online meeting so everyone can see the survey as you take it. Team members can vote by holding up their scores on their screen, or you can use polls and chat to indicate scores. Once you submit the survey, the scores are available to view in PBIS Assessment in Reports. Typically, teams take the TFI every third or fourth meeting until they reach 70 percent, then they switch to taking it annually. Schools take the SCS once or twice during the year—the first administration happening within the first 45 days of the school year. This year, aim to take the TFI at least once in the fall. A second administration in the spring would be great. Fidelity data help teams address specific components so all students experience the year equitably.

For more information, please see this article from PBISApps.org or contact Theresa Dehn at the AEA.