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6 Billion Others (S03927) Physical Color; Sound; 26 minutes Copyrighted 2008 Distributor Cine Fete (4104) Producer Good Planet (4861) Audience Primary, Intermediate, Junior High, Senior High (PIJS)

Career and Technical Education Advisor 2009 / September (443640) Collection Professional Collection Series Career and Technical Education Advisor: August / 2009 throug (3877) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 5, Issue 7 Contents Articulation agreements may open doors; News briefs: ED picks states for 'green' program; New report calls for collaborative reform agenda; Grants: Get funding for fire prevention.

Admission Zen: The Stress Free Path to Getting Into College (443161) Physical Color; Sound; 60 minutes Copyrighted 2008 Distributor Schlessinger Media (3650) Producer College Pathways (4837) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Synopsis This guide helps students transition from high school to college. Students learn the phases of the college admissions process, such as picking the right schools, writing an effective college essay and applying for financial aid. Other topics discussed include assessing values and goals; creating a list of colleges that are the right fit; and planning and evaluating curriculum choices. The program also advises students on using college interviews as an opportunity to demonstrate interest to their top choices. Deciding whether to take the SAT, ACT or both tests is another important issue, as well as evaluating the pros and cons of early decision plans.

The Apple Orchard (443061) Physical 24 pages Copyrighted 2005 Distributor CAPSTONE PRESS (2094) Publisher CAPSTONE PRESS (2094) Audience Primary (P) Series A Visit to (3835) Synopsis Text and photographs introduce a visit to the apple orchard, with a description of how apples are harvested. Author Murphy, Patricia J.

Assessing Critical Skills (443599) Physical 132 pages Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher Linworth Books (4497) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Presents a practical guide for Library Media and Technology Specialists to help them in assessing and improving student performance. Author Mueller, Jon.

The Brooklyn Bridge (L14374) Distributor Learn360 (4307) Synopsis Learn about one of the best-loved landmarks in the United States: the Brooklyn Bridge. The program explores the great problems and ingenious solutions that marked the bridge's construction. Trace its transformation from a spectacular engineering feat into a symbol of the vitality, ingenuity, and promise of U.S. culture.

Bullying and Teens: Take a Stand (L11320) Physical 14:25 minutes Copyrighted 2005 Distributor Learn360 (4307) Producer Sunburst Visual Media (3700) Audience Junior High (J) Synopsis Defines strategies on how to deal with bullies, as well as gives tips to students on how to identify bullies.

Communication in a Wired World: Be Smart, Be Safe (443172) Physical Color; Captioned; 20 minutes Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Learning Seed (0079) Producer Learning Seed (0079) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Synopsis Online and mobile technologies profoundly influence how we read and write, learn and work. Online behavior follows us all through our schooling and careers. Explore skills for communicating smartly across many digital technologies; how multitasking affects learning and work; and how online posts can become skeletons in a digital closet causing school expulsions, destroying college admissions, and blowing job offers. Discover how to protect your privacy, reputation, and personal information.

Describing Matter and Its Properties (443749) Physical Color; Sound; 14 minutes Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Visual Learning Company (0091) Producer Visual Learning Company (0091) Audience Intermediate (I) Series Elementary Science (0362) Synopsis Explores the ways to describe matter: in terms of mass, density, and matter's chemical properties. PB Visual Learning Co. PG intermediate. -4-6. ISBN # 9781592344352 Contents Introduction -Matter -Matter and volume -Matter as mass -Comparing mass and weight -Density -Chemical properties -Summing up -Video assessment. Gen Note Teacher's guide includes math, reading and writing activities, entry-level and summative assessments, and skill development lessons. Covers the major topics outlined in the National Science Education Standards, AAAS Benchmarks for Science literacy, and major texts. DVD extras include previews from other Visual Learning programs, vocabulary used in this program, still pictures that are discussed in this program and the ability to turn on subtitles.

Diary of a Fly (443723) Physical Color; Captioned; 9 minutes Copyrighted 2008 Distributor Weston Woods/Scholastic (3958) Producer Weston Woods/Scholastic (3958) Audience Primary (P) Synopsis The day-to-day existence of a little fly that wants to be a superhero and who is not afraid to dream big, really big! Narrated by Abigail Breslin with music by Zdenek Zdenek. Directed by Gene Deitch. DVD includes a bonus interview with Harry Bliss.

Energy: Five Types of Energy (L11511) Physical 2:22 minutes Distributor Learn360 (4307) Synopsis Introduces the Law of Conservation of Energy and the five different types of energy

Faces: People, Places, and Cultures 2009 / July - August (443529) Collection Professional Collection Series Faces: People, Places and Cultures: July / 2009 through June (3880) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 25, Number 9 Contents Feel the Beat!: Music Around the World; Rock Star Summer Camp; Batty for Music; Little Old Lady Who?

Flu (443250) Physical Color; Sound; 30 minutes Copyrighted 2008 Distributor Aquarius Health Care Media (4001) Producer WXXI Public Broadcasting Council (3664) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series Second Opinion (3483) Synopsis With thousands of people dying each year from the flu, it takes a pandemic to get us talking about it. The leading experts in the field will discuss the everyday flu, what we can do to keep ourselves healthy and flu-free, and if a more serious flu really poses as great a threat as the media portrays.

Football (443032) Physical 47 pages Copyrighted 2002 Distributor Children's Press (0991) Publisher Children's Press (0991) Audience Primary, Intermediate (PI) Series True Book: Sports (3811) Author Kennedy, Mike

Glencoe 2005 Writer's Choice Grammar and Composition: Grade 7 Teacher Edition (443420) Copyrighted 2005 Publisher GLENCO PUBLISHING (1823) Audience Junior High (J) Synopsis Curriculum

A Healthy Self-Concept: It's All Yours (L12482) Distributor Learn360 (4307) Synopsis Talks about the things that improve your self-concept: having the courage to try something new, setting goals to achieve new accomplishments, being true to who you are by pursuing those things that really matter to you, despite what others might say.

Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction (442943) Physical 239 pages Copyrighted 2007 Distributor Barnes & Noble (1442) Publisher Corwin Press (0616) Audience Adult (A) ISBN # 978-1-4129-2724-6 Contents Why coaching? — What does coaching look like? — What is the partnership philosophy? — Partnership communication : creating learning conversations — Getting teachers on board and finding a starting point — Modeling, observing, and collaboratively exploring data — Focusing on the big four : behavior, content, knowledge, direct instruction, and formative assessment — How coaches can spread knowledge — Coaches as leaders of change — Resource : instructional coach's tool kit.

MacMillan McGraw-Hill 2005 Spotlight On Music (Grade 6) (401468) Copyrighted 2005 Publisher MACMILLAN FILMS, INCORPORATED (2827) Audience Intermediate (I) Synopsis Curriculum textbook materials for teaching Music - General. Items include student edition, teacher edition and 2 teacher resources. Published by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill for grade 4.

Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School / 2009 August (443540) Collection Professional Collection Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 15, Number 1 Contents What Are You Worth?

A Practical Approach to Classroom Management and Discipline: Part I - Starting the Year with Positive, Proactive Classroom Management Strategies Grades K-2 (443547) Physical Color; Sound; 43 minutes Copyrighted 2007 Producer Bureau of Education & Research (1078) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Experienced teachers demonstrate practical strategies for creating and maintaining well-managed primary classrooms. Viewers will observe positive ways to establish a productive learning environment, develop responsible learners and deal constructively with misbehavior - from the most minor too the most challenging. Training program features national trainer Gene Bedley.

Quotation Marks (L11051) Physical 31:05 minutes Copyrighted 2001 Distributor Learn360 (4307) Producer Sunburst Visual Media (3700) Audience Junior High (J) Synopsis Details the punctuation rules of quotation marks, gives examples of when to use these punctuation marks, and also looks into direct quotes and paraphrasing.

Recycle: Plastic (L17205) Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Learn360 (4307) Producer Slim Goodbody Corp (3404) Audience Primary, Intermediate (PI) Synopsis We are using a lot more plastic than we used to. There are all sorts of things that you can make from recycled plastic.