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The adventures of Mark Twain (453116)
Physical     Illustrated
Copyrighted     2011
Distributor     Atheneum Books for Young Readers (4249)
Synopsis     An illustrated biography of American author Mark Twain, presented from the perspective of the Twain's famous literary character Huckleberry Finn.
Author     Burleigh, Robert.
Author     Blitt, Barry
Edition     1st ed.
PG     5.1. -3-6
ISBN #     0689830416

Balanced Assessment: From Formative to Summative (453447)
Physical     163 pages
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     Follett (0985)
Publisher     Solution Tree, LLC (3747)
Audience     Adult (A)
Synopsis     The research, rationale, strategies, and examples provided in this book will help teachers develop their own repertoire of formative and summative assessments to monitor, grade, and make inferences about a student's ability to meet standards and curriculum goals. Exercises at the end of each chapter provide opportunities to reflect and plan action steps.
Author     Burke, Kay
ISBN #     978-1-934009-52-9

A bee's life (453078)
Physical     Illustrated; 24 pages
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     HEINEMANN LIBRARY (3171)
Series     Watch it grow (5491)
Synopsis     Photographs and easy-to-follow text explain the life cycle of a bee, describing how larva are hatched from eggs, grow into bees, and the queen bee's role in laying more eggs.
Author     Dickmann, Nancy.
PG     1.4. -K-3
ISBN #     1432941372

Children of the Holocaust (453219)
Physical     Illustrated; 64 pages
Copyrighted     2011
Distributor     COMPASS POINT BOOKS (2527)
Series     The Holocaust (4976)
Synopsis     Tells the stories of Jewish children who managed to survive the Holocaust during World War II through a combination of strength, cleverness, the help of others, and luck.
Author     Fitzgerald, Stephanie.
PG     6.9. -5-8
ISBN #     0756543908

Civil War Resource Book (453294)
Physical     Illustrated; 36 pages
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     Follett (0985)
Publisher     Carole Marsh/Gallopade Internationa (5088)
Audience     Intermediate (I)
Series     Student's Civil War (5376)
Synopsis     Presents activities, songs, craft ideas, stories, and other resources designed to help parents, educators, scout leaders, and others introduce children to the Civil War and the people, places, and events that shaped it.
Author     Marsh, Carole.
PG     6.2. -3-6
ISBN #     0635076446

eBay : the company and its founder (453160)
Physical     Illustrated; 112 pages
Copyrighted     2011
Distributor     Abdo Pub (4626)
Series     Technology pioneers (5506)
Synopsis     Examines the life of Pierre Omidyar, creator of the online auction site eBay, discusses his motivation for creating the site, and follows the phenomenal growth of the eBay enterprise.
Author     Gitlin, Marty.
PG     8.5. -5-8
ISBN #     1617148075

Energy island : how one community harnessed the wind and changed their world (453155)
Physical     Illustrated
Copyrighted     2011
Distributor     Farrar, Straus, Giroux (0471)
Synopsis     Shares the true story of how the people on the Danish island of Samsø reduced their carbon emissions by 140 percent over the course of ten years by harnessing wind power.
Author     Drummond, Allan.
Edition     1st ed.
PG     2.8. -K-3
ISBN #     0374321841

Flocabulary: The Hip-Hop Approach to SAT-Level Vocabulary Building (453423)
Physical     Not Applicable; 45 min
Copyrighted     2007
Distributor     Follett (0985)
Producer     Findaway World, LLC (4244)
Audience     Junior High, Senior High (JS)
Synopsis     A study guide to building SAT vocabulary skills, providing a collection of twelve hip-hop songs that use rhyme and music to help students remember vocabulary words. Book by Blake Harrison, ISBN: 978-1-933662-14-5.

How to Grade For Learning K-12, 3rd Ed. (453454)
Physical     277 pages
Copyrighted     2009
Distributor     Follett (0985)
Publisher     Corwin Press (0616)
Audience     Adult (A)
Synopsis     Demonstrates how to improve grading practices by linking grades with standards and establishing policies that better reflect student achievement. Ken O'Connor updates his eight guidelines for good grading, explains the purpose and key elements of each guideline, and offers recommendations for practical applications. The book examines a number of additional grading issues, including grade point average calculation and the use of computer grading programs.
Author     O'Connor, Ken
ISBN #     978-1-4129-5382-5

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions 2011 / July (453479)
Copyrighted     2011
Collection     Professional Collection
Series     Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions : October / 2010 (4741)
Synopsis     Professional Periodical
Edition     Volume 13, Number 3
Contents     The effectiveness of Two Universal Behavioral Supports for Children with Externalizing Behavior in Head Start Classrooms; Teaching Daily Living Skills to Seven Individuals with Severe Intellectual Disabilities: A Comparison of Video Prompting to Video Modeling; Class-Wide Function-Related Intervention Teams: Effects of Group Contingency Programs in Urban Classrooms; The Effects of the First Step to Success Program on Academic Engagement Behaviors of Turkish Students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder; A Strength-Based Approach to Parent Education for Children with Autism.

Lakes / (Blastoff! Readers - Learning About the Earth) (453238)
Copyrighted     2011
Distributor     Children's Press (0991)
Author     Green, Emily K.
PG     2.1. -K-3
ISBN #     0531260305

Literacy Music Collection (453030)
Physical     Sound; 25 minutes
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     Follett (0985)
Producer     Findaway World (4278)
Audience     Primary (P)
Synopsis     Teaches young children basic literacy skills through music.

Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow (452987)
Physical     Illustrated; 79 pages
Copyrighted     2007
Synopsis     Presents retellings of two classic stories by Washington Irving including "Rip Van Winkle" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," and includes activities, questions and answers, and audio CD.
Author     Jefferson, Cheryl.
Author     Irving, Washington,; Irving, Washington,; Belli, Alfredo
Edition     New ed.
PG     Young Adult
ISBN #     8853008091

Rocky road (453287)
Physical     295 pages
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     Alfred A. Knopf (4611)
Synopsis     Fashion-loving twelve-year-old Tess moves with her deaf younger brother and impulsive single mother to Schenectady, New York, where they open an ice-cream shop and lead a campaign for urban renewal.
Author     Kent, Rose.
Edition     1st ed.
PG     5.7. -3-6
ISBN #     0375863443

Speed and acceleration (453067)
Physical     Illustrated; 32 pages
Copyrighted     2011
Distributor     HEINEMANN LIBRARY (3171)
Series     Measure it! (5488)
Synopsis     An exploration of measurement that focuses on speed and acceleration, discussing devices used to measure them and the history of measuring systems, and including related math activities throughout.
Author     Somervill, Barbara A.
PG     5.7. -3-6
ISBN #     1432937642

Spiders / (Creepy Creatures) (453063)
Copyrighted     2011
Distributor     The Creative Company (4913)
PG     2.4. -K-3
ISBN #     0898125693

Tech & Learning 2011 / July (453496)
Copyrighted     2011
Collection     Professional Collection
Series     Tech & Learning: August / 2010 through July / 2011 (4506)
Synopsis     Professional Periodical
Edition     Volume 31, Number 12
Contents     Award-Winning Grant Strategies: As school budget shrink, grants are an increasing important way to support core activities, and to pioneer innovative new approaches to education. Here are strategies that won significant grants for these schools; Put to the Test: T&L editors take some new products for a test drive: Brainchild Kineo; Apperson DataLink 4 software; Epson BrightLink Solo; Control Room: Wouldn't it be great to know how many laptops are being used at the school down the street? Or how many of those are due for an antivirus upgrade? Asset-management tools let IT directors find out these things, and a whole lot more, from the comfort of their desk chairs; What's New: Atomic Epson BrightLink training; Bretford- Edu 2.0; DYMO/Mimio STEM course images; HP Smart Clients; Kajeet for Education; NBC Learn CaptionSync; PCI Education LIFT; and more.