Through AEA PD Online, your Iowa AEAs now offer four statewide online services. Educators can:
• Take facilitated courses for license renewal and/or graduate credit (through our partners Drake, Morningside, and Viterbo)
• Access and complete self-paced on-demand trainings and modules
• View recordings or participate in live multimedia events focused on issues relevant to Iowa educators.
• Create virtual communities in the Agora, the place where educators go to collaborate and share ideas or resources.

AEA PD Online - Provides high-quality online professional development for educators in a variety of formats:
• Courses - facilitated classes for graduate/license renewal credit
• Trainings - on-demand, self-paced trainings resulting in a record of completion
• Live! - a series of webinars and other recorded events
• Agora - online teacher communities

AEA K-12 Online - Provides a set of products for schools to deliver their own online learning:
• Catalog of Content - Free high-quality e-curriculum for your classroom
• Hosted Moodle - Free access to Moodle, an online learning technology platform
• Consultation - Free consultation and support for a district's local online learning and planning

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