Several educators have recently joined the staff of Northwest Area Education Agency (AEA) or have taken on new roles for the agency. Northwest AEA is one of nine regional agencies across the state to provide special education and school improvement services to schools and families. Northwest AEA covers 10 counties, 35 community school districts and 34 private schools, totaling 43,000 students.

The following employees will be working in schools and/or with area families:
•    Nicole Bacan, speech-language pathologist
•    Katie Caven, occupational therapist
•    Jenny Christophersen, educational interpreter
•    Jennifer Collins, positive behavior interventions and supports coordinator
•    Katy Evenson, administrator for educational services
•    Jessica Gormally, educational interpreter
•    Maureen Heilman, speech-language pathologist
•    Mariah Howard, occupational therapist
•    Lisa Jacobson, physical therapist
•    Jane Krehbiel, instructional coach
•    Jordan Menning, instructional coach
•    Debra Parker, special education strategist
•    Erin Potter, special education strategist
•    Tyler Ruhrer, educational interpreter
•    Laura Van Beek, speech-language pathologist