Reprinted with permission from "Reading Recovery Aug. 2012 Site Report for Northwest AEA"

Samantha entered Reading Recovery with a text level of zero in first grade. She quickly made progress and ended the intervention reading at grade level. She continued to make academic progress without additional support.

Samantha's passion for reading earned her the most points in the fourth grade Reading Counts competition last year. This year, in fifth grade, she acquired enough points to be in sixth place in the entire school! It's no surprise that reading and writing are her favorite subjects. The school librarian noted that the books Samantha chooses to read are at a higher level than her classmates.

Not only does she read challenging books, her performance on standardized tests is also impressive. Last year her fourth grade overall reading total on the ITBS was 8.0 NGE (National Grade Equivalency). This year her reading NGE was 9.3 on the Iowa Assessments.

Samantha loves helping people. This year Samantha helped her brother with his reading "homework." He made significant progress and discontinued his Reading Recovery intervention this spring.

Samantha's life goal is to become a family practice doctor. She is well on her way!

Kay Powell, Reading Recovery Teacher, Franklin Elementary, Le Mars