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This month's search was "Scotland."

The Development of Scotland
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Senior High, 00:04:51, Janson, 2004
Examines the development of Scotland.

Braveheart's Scotland
video, Intermediate - Senior High, 00:45:46, A&E Television Networks, 2006
Scotland desperately needed a hero. Under attack by England's warriors, William Wallace emerged as a brave defender and earned the name, Braveheart. This video brings his world to life through historical research and computer generated imagery.

Welcome to Scotland (704404)
941.1/CAN; CANE, GRAEME & HULL, LISE; K-12 books, P, 48 pg, Gareth Stevens Publishing, 2002
Presents information on the geography, history, government and economy, arts, people, and social life and customs of Scotland.

Aberdeen and Central Scotland
video, Intermediate - Senior High, 00:03:12, Film Ideas, 2002
Also rich in history, central Scotland has many major areas of note, such as Dunnottar Castle, Corgarff Castle, and the city of Aberdeen itself, which is home to the Cathedral of Saint Machar.

World Odysseys: Scotland
video, Intermediate - Senior High, 00:23:28, Film Ideas, 2002
Scotland, the most northern section of the United Kingdom, is famous for its castle ruins, fortified cliffs and the mysterious Loch Ness.

Festivals Of The World: Scotland (700645)
394.26/GRI; GRIFFITHS, JONATHAN; K-12 books, PI, 32 pg, GUMDROP BOOKS, 1999
This book describes how the culture of Scotland is reflected in its many festivals, including Up-Helly-Aa, the Highland Games, and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Wind Farms in Scotland
video, Primary - Senior High, 00:03:39, WWE, 2006
We take a look at the largest wind farm in Europe that has recently opened in Scotland.

My School In Scotland (Video) (092720)
Videocassette, PI, 13 min, Landmark Media, 1998

Glasgow Science Centre Tower, Scotland
video, Primary - Senior High, 00:05:02, WWE, 2007
Of the many landmark projects celebrating the new millennium, a Scottish city produced one that was unique. The tower at the Glasgow science center is the world's first capable of revolving through 360-degrees from the ground up. Standing at over 122 meters in height, the entire building not only senses wind direction, but automatically rotates to the correct direction to minimize the wind's impact.

The Scottish Highlands
video, Intermediate - Senior High, 00:09:32, Film Ideas, 2002
The Scottish Highlands cover 2/3rds of northern Scotland. Residing here is Fort George, one of the strongest symbols of former British invasions, and the well-known Loch Ness, purported home of the monster. More importantly though, the Highlands carry the spirit of Scotland with widespread wool production, the heart of Scotland's whiskey distilling, and the ancestral home of the Highland games.