The Gifted and Talented Academy at Northwest AEA is a professional developmental opportunity for teams of K-12 teachers of gifted education and instructional leaders from individual districts to audit, develop, or improve their written Comprehensive Gifted and Talented Program Plan and programming. Teams will meet throughout the year (Dec. 1, Feb. 8, March 14 and April 11) to study their current plans, consider best practices in gifted education, analyze data, and more.


  • To deepen understanding of the components of comprehensive gifted and talented programming.
  • To construct and/or improve a written comprehensive gifted and talented program plan.
  • To identify and use data necessary to provide, drive, and improve gifted and talented programming.
  • To network with other teachers of gifted education in the Northwest AEA area.

To learn more about this gifted series, please see the attached flyer.