This year, the annual Iowa Talented and Gifted (ITAG) conference is being coordinated by Northwest AEA’s Sue Chartier, educational consultant. The theme this year is, “The CORE Challenge: Building Options and BreakingBarriers.”  This focus will assist both urban and rural gifted teachers to tie their efforts to the Iowa Core. The conference is set for Oct. 18-20 in Des Moines at the Airport Holiday Inn.

Sue said that typically over 600 educators and parents attend the two-day conference, and she expects a good crowd this year, too. 

“We have two nationally known keynote presenters this year, including Dr. Jonathon Plucker from the University of Connecticut, and Dr. Tamra Stambaugh from Vanderbilt University,” explained Sue. “We expect attendees will learn how to best promote success by meeting  the academic and social needs of these students, especially teachers in rural areas.”

According to its website, “ITAG promotes advocacy at the state and local level, pre-service and in-service training in gifted education, and parent/community awareness, education and involvement. ITAG is comprised of parents, educators, other professionals, and community leaders who share an interest in the growth and development of gifted and talented individuals in Iowa.”

Some of the other topics that will be covered at the conference are not limited to, but, will include:

  • curriculum differentiation
  • classroom strategies
  • technology for gifted students
  • twice-exceptional/motivation
  • social-emotional needs

Congrats to Sue and the state team for pulling this event together. To learn more, please go to: