Google Drive and NWAEA Online Resources

Google Drive

About six weeks ago, representatives from our Iowa AEA Online resources shared some of the new features of their products. If I had to consider the one commonality of many of the resources, it would be the ability they now provide to download their content to Google Drive.

  • Gale was the first resource that allowed users to download their content to Drive. After teachers or students have searched and found an article of interest, they can use the tools found on the left side of the page to download the article to their computer, to Drive and also to Microsoft OneDrive.

  • CultureGrams and SIRS Issues Researcher, both published by ProQuest, now allow teachers and students to download content to both Google Drive and Google Classroom. Again, this  provides an easy way to save and access material and also to collaborate and work with colleagues or classmates.

  • Learn360, a site most often associated with streaming video, allows users to save video clips to their Google Drive. Google Drive now allows for the upload and storage of video files. These video files can also be viewed within Google Drive. This makes it easy to store content, but also makes it easy to share that content with others.

  • Teen Health and Wellness, a resource that targets middle and high school students, will also allow users to save content from their website to Google Drive. The advantages are the same; easy accessibility and the ability to share.

  • While not an Iowa AEA Online resource, MackinVia is provided by most of the AEAs in the state. MackinVia was initially provided so AEAs could provide eBooks to schools. Within the MackinVia reader, there is the ability to highlight text and take notes on the text. MackinVia has included an export notes function so these notes can be saved to Google Drive.

If you have questions about utilizing these features, please contact for more information.