Iowa AEA Online currently has sixteen resources for teachers to use. Resources support literacy, research and inquiry, and content creation, Some of the resources are extremely popular. BookFlix and TrueFlix from Scholastic are two examples of resources that elementary and middle school teachers use well.  Other times, however, it is a bit more challenging to see how these resources can be successfully used in your classroom. FreedomFlix is one of the resources from Scholastic that fits that latter criteria. This past year, Scholastic has created Implementation Guides and Best Practices Guides for all of their resources. Let’s look at FreedomFlix and discover some of the ways this resource could be used and integrated into the curriculum.

FreedomFlix provides 60+ social studies units for teachers. Many of the units focus on topics in American History but there are also units on ancient cultures of the world. Designed to look much like BookFlix and TrueFlix, each unit provides a video intended to provide background information. An accompanying eBook with read-along capabilities is included. Within the eBook you’ll find links to primary sources. The editors of Scholastic have recommended websites and have included additional related content that spans multiple text types. Project ideas, lesson plans, writing prompts and assessment are also part of every FreedomFlix unit. 

Here are just a few suggestions for using FreedomFlix that can be found in the Best Practices Guide from FreedomFlix. Click on the links to download both Best Practices Guide and Implementation Guide for additional ideas. 

  • Check to see how many of the Cornerstones of Freedom print titles are available in your library or at the AEA. Encourage students to read the e-book on FreedomFlix and then read it again with the print copy.
  • Use the Guiding Questions (What Do You Think) and ask students to think about them as they read the book. Revisit the questions after the book is read.
  • Divide students into small groups and have each group explore one of the related content resources (primary source text, website, video). Have each group discuss and share a summary for the rest of the class.
  • Flip your classroom by having students read the e-book at home. Use class time for discussions and activities related to the book.
  • Have students use resources in FreedomFlix to explore a topic that excites their interest.
  • Use FreedomFlix content to supplement your current social studies curriculum or to introduce a new unit.
  • Download the FreedomFlix Historical Figures Poster, FreedomFlix Influential Event Poster, and FreedomFlix Influential Event Trading Cards. Have students answer the question, What is the most influential event in history? Have students defend their answers using evidence found in FreedomFlix.

Want to know more? Feel free to watch this 12-minute overview of FreedomFlix. If you have questions about using FreedomFlix, feel free to contact Your teacher librarian will also be able to help.