EdReady is a math readiness system that is data-driven and matched to learner needs. EdReady is provided to Northwest AEA schools FREE of charge. Northwest AEA pays for the site license for all schools.

Students take a self-assessment to determine their targeted skill deficits. From the self-assessment, a personalized study path is created to fill gaps in knowledge. Teachers receive real-time data to guide students to success, improve retention, and lay a solid foundation for math skills.

EdReady is flexible and can be personalized to the needs of the teacher and student. It can be used as a tiered intervention for MTSS needs, SDI needs, or as a supplemental classroom resource. EdReady can be used in both the general education classroom or to meet special education needs. The data gained from ongoing assessment in EdReady can be used to support whole-class instruction or small group/individual instruction or intervention.

If you have questions or are interested in using EdReady in your classroom, please contact Amanda Beyer abeyer@nwaea.org or Steve McHugh smchugh@nwaea.org to get started.

Please see this introduction to EdReady: https://vimeo.com/238632745