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5000 Years of Magnificent Wonders (S04327) Physical Color; Sound Copyrighted 2009 Producer Questar (0404) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS)

Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle (448734) Physical Color; 25 minutes Copyrighted 2009 Distributor VEA (Video Education America) (4464) Producer VEA (Video Education America) (4464) Audience Senior High, Adult (SA) Synopsis We examine the healthy lifestyle needs that should include regular physical activity, healthy food choice and appropriate decision making with regard to drug use and risk taking situations. A person's physical, social and cultural environments are all factors which may improve or hinder a young person lifestyle.

Algebra Applications (S04326) Physical Color; Sound Copyrighted 2008 Distributor Library Video (0097) Producer Media4Math (495) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS)

American Archaeology Uncovers the Westward Movement (447412) Physical Illustrated; 64 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Marshall Cavendish (3712) Publisher Marshall Cavendish Benchmark (4344) Audience Intermediate, Junior High (IJ) Series American Archaeology (4192) Synopsis Provides details about life in the West with photos of actual digs and artifacts discovered by archaeologists. Author Huey, Lois Miner. PG 5-8. ISBN # 9780761442653; 0761442650 PL E179.5 .H847 2010 Gen Note Includes bibliographical references and index. Subjects Geography, Historical; Frontier and pioneer life—West (U.S.); Archaeolo

The Art of War: The Posters of World War II (447651) Physical Illustrated; 32 pages Copyrighted 2009 Distributor HEINEMANN LIBRARY (3171) Publisher Raintree (4633) Audience Intermediate (I) Series American History Through Primary Sources (4241) Synopsis This book explains that posters were used on the home fronts of both the Axis countries and the Allied countries during World War II. Author Price, Sean. PG 2. -4-7. ISBN # 9781410931146; 1410931145 PL D743.25 Contents A world at war -The home front -Fighting the enemy -Winning the war. Gen Note Includes index and glossary. Includes bibliographic references.

Asperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions for Tantrums, Rage, and Meltdowns (447790) Physical 106 pages Copyrighted 1999 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Publisher Autism Asperger Publishing Co. (4596) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Provides practical solutions for parents and teachers on properly handling the challenging behavior associated with Asperger's syndrome including homework, tantrums, and other day-to-day issues. Author Myles, Brenda Smith and Jack Southwick. ISBN # 0-9672514-3-5 Contents An Overview of the Characteristics of Asperger Syndrome that may Impact Behavior — The Rage Cycle and Functional Assessment of Behaviors in the Cycle — Strategies that Promote Self-Awareness, Self-Calming, and Self-Management — Specifically for Parents. Gen Note References. Index.

Bees buzz! (449183) Physical Illustrated; 24 pages Copyrighted 2009 Distributor ABDO PUBLISHING (1937) Series Animal sounds (4364) Synopsis Introduces readers to bees in their natural habitat. Author Scheunemann, Pam PG 2.0. -Pre K-3.0. -M ISBN # 9781604535679 (lib. bdg.) PL QL565.2 .S34 2009

Best friends and drama queens (448772) Physical 202 pages Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Scholastic Press (2831) Series Allie Finkle's rules for girls (4330) Synopsis Nine-year-old Allie Finkle's list of rules helps her navigate a tricky situation with a new girl at school. Author Cabot, Meg. PG 4.9 -3-6 ISBN # 0545040442 PL PZ7.C11165 Be 2009

Brain Gym : Aprendizaje de Todo el Cerebro (448407) Physical 171 pages Copyrighted 2000 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Publisher Robin Book (4937) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Made up of simple movements and activities that enhance children's experiences of whole brain learning. These activities make all types of learning easier but are especially effective with academic skills. Author Dennison, Paul E. and Gail E. Dennison. ISBN # 968-5270-16-3 Contents Movimientos do la Linea Central — Actividades de Estiramiento — Ejercicios de Energia — Profundizar Actitudes — Brain Gym en el Trabajo y en el Juego. Gen Note Appendix. Glossary. Lang Note Spanish.

Building School and Community Partnerships Through Parent Involvement. (448567) Physical 320 pages Copyrighted 2003 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Publisher Prentice Hall (0287) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Designed to be practical, useful and informative for many different professionals who work with and are engaged in professional program development and implementation with children and their families. Provides a detailed overview contemporary American families and schools, paints a profile of many diverse families in the United States, and concludes with an emphasis on evaluating family-school processes and advocating for children and families. Author Wright, Kay and Dolores A. Stegelin. Edition 2nd Ed. ISBN # 0-13-094978-7

Bully-Proofing Your Child: A Parent's Guide (448572) Physical 92 pages Copyrighted 2000 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Publisher Sopris West (1023) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Parents learn: ways to help their child feel less defenseless when being bullied; ideas for coping with their child's fear and trauma; ways to direct efforts according to their child's unique personality; techniques for teaching their child how to build the "protective shield"; and ways to create a more caring community, less conducive to bullying. Includes information to help parents understand the psychological makeup of a bully and a victim, how to distinguish normal conflict from a bully/victim situation, and how bullying is exhibited at different ages. Author Garrity, Carla adn Mitchell Baris and William Porter. ISBN # 1-57035-247-X

Career and Technical Education Advisor 2010 / June (447802)
Copyrighted 2010 Collection Professional Collection Series Career and Technical Education Advisor: August / 2009 throug (3877) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 6, Issue 4

Cash and Credit (447179) Physical Color; Captioned; 28 minutes Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Film Ideas (0087) Producer Film Ideas (0087) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series BizKid$ (4166) Synopsis Introduces the power and pitfalls of credit, which is essentially using someone else's money temporarily (for a price). Meet a young entrepreneur who used credit to start a successful bath salts business and another who launched a successful design firm. As a cautionary tale, interviews a young woman who had fun buying with credit until she found herself in bankruptcy. PB McKenna, James,; WXXI (Television station : Rochester, N.Y.); American Public Television.; Junior Achievement.; Film Ideas (Firm) PG junior high/high school. Gen Note "Where kids teach kids about money and business"—Container. Television series informs young people about money, what it is, how to make it grow, and how to use it. Lang Note Closed captioned.

Chemical Reactions (447205) Physical Color; Sound; 28 minutes Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Films Media Group (3689) Producer Films for the Humanities (0059) Audience Senior High (S) Series Essential Chemistry (4168) Synopsis Illustrates the mechanics of chemical reactions in five sections: Chemical Reactions (reactants and products, state changes, diatomic elements and molecules, Law of Conservation of Mass); Chemical Bonding (Octet Rule, ionic and covalent bonds); Types of Chemical Reactions (synthesis and decomposition reactions, single and double displacement reactions, acid/base reactions, exothermic and endothermic reactions); Reaction Rates (moles, kinetic energy, solutes and solvents, catalysts, activators and inhibitors, enzymes); and Reactions All Around Us (photosynthesis and chemosynthesis, autotrophs and photoautotrophs, bioluminescence). Contents Instructor's guide included. Lang Note Closed captioned.

Choosing a Career Goal (448635) Physical Color; Sound; 27 minutes Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Library Video (0097) Producer Moonshadow Productions (4950) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series We Can Change the World (4319) Synopsis For her next article, a college journalism major interviews some chamber of commerce members about choosing career goals. In the program, viewers will learn the importance of career choices and goals. Topics discussed include educational requirements, working conditions, salary ranges, employment outlook and more.

Coping With Loss: The Life Changes Handbook (448379) Physical Illustrated; 48 pages Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Crabtree Pub (4354) Publisher CRABTREE PUBLISHING (2113) Audience Intermediate (I) Series Really Useful Handbooks (4299) Synopsis Offers caring and sensible advice to readers facing some of life's changes. Author Naik, Anita. PG 5.0. -5.0-11.0. -S ISBN # 9780778743910 (lib. bdg.) :; 9780778744047 (pbk.) PL BF575.D35 .N35 2009 Contents Life changes -Family changes -Illness and bereavement -Living -Glossary -Further information -Index. Gen Note Includes index. Subjects Divorce; Children and death; Grief; Loss (Psychology)

A day no pigs would die (448971) Physical 150 pages Copyrighted 1994 Synopsis To a thirteen-year-old Vermont farm boy whose father slaughters pigs for a living, maturity comes early as he learns "doing what's got to be done," especially regarding his pet pig who cannot produce a litter. Author Peck, Robert Newton. Edition 1st Sprinter ed. PG 5.0 -5-8 ISBN # 0679853065 PL PZ7.P339 Day 1994

Digital Nation (447542) Physical Color; Captioned; 90 minutes Copyrighted 2010 Distributor PBS VIDEO (2711) Producer PBS (0084) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series Frontline (0466) Synopsis Over a single generation, the Web and digital media have remade nearly every aspect of modern culture, transforming the way we work, learn, and connect, as well as what we may be learning about ourselves in the process. The film is the product of a unique collaboration with visitors to the Digital Nation Web site, who for the past year have been able to react to the work in progress and post their own stories online. Lang Note Closed captioned.

Don't Pop Your Cork on Monday! The Children's Anti-Stress Book (449291) Copyrighted 1988 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Publisher Landmark Editions,Inc. (4957) Audience Intermediate (I) Synopsis Explores the causes and effects of stress and offers practical approaches and techniques for dealing with stress in daily life. Author Moser, Adolph Credits Illustrated Dav Pilkey. Subjects Stress (Physiology)—Juvenile fiction

Drugs: The Straight Facts (S04169) Physical Color; Sound Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Films Media Group (3689) Producer CAMBRIDGE EDUCATIONAL (1511) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS)

Earthquakes in the Midwest: NOVA scienceNOW (447553) Physical Color; Captioned; 56 minutes Copyrighted 2009 Distributor PBS VIDEO (2711) Producer PBS (0084) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Synopsis This episode of NOVA scienceNOW explores new data from cave stalagmites and the Mississippi riverbed to understand earthquakes that strike in the heartland; the crucial role sleep plays in strengthening memories and facilitating learning; a profile of marine geologist Sang-Mook Lee; and paleontologist Jonathan Bloch, who thinks that tiny bones embedded in limestone may be the evolutionary evidence of the creatures that evolved into primates. Contents Episode Includes: Earthquakes in the Midwest, Sleep, Profile—Sang-Mook Lee, and First Primate Lang Note Closed captioned.

Exceptional Children EC 2010 / Summer (447833) Copyrighted 2010 Collection Professional Collection Series Exceptional Children EC : Fall / 2009 through Summer / 2010 (3929) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 76, Number 4 Contents With a Little Help From My Friends (and Mark Twain Too): Musings and Farewells; Effectiveness of a Supplemental Early Reading Intervention Scaled Up in Multiple Schools; Anchoring Problem-Solving and Computation Instruction in Context-Rich Learning Environments; Instruction in a Strategy for Compare-Contrast Writing; What Do Alternate Assessments of Alternate Academic Achievement Standards Measure? A Multitrait-Multimethod Analysis; Effects of Using Modified Items to Test Students with Persistent Academic Difficulties; Measuring Family Outcomes in Early Intervention: Findings From a Large-Scale Assessment. Subjects Exceptional Children; Children with disabilities—Drama

The Gym Teacher From the Black Lagoon (447530) Physical 32 pages Copyrighted 1994 Publisher Scholastic (0309) Audience Primary (P) Synopsis The children are getting a new gym teacher, Mr. Green, whose nickname is Coach Kong. What will he really be like? Author Thaler, Mike ISBN # 978-0-758-71237-0

How a Recession Works (448015) Physical Illustrated; 80 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor GUMDROP BOOKS (2223) Publisher ROSEN PUB (1615) Audience Intermediate, Junior High (IJ) Series Real World Economics (4291) Synopsis Readers will learn exactly what a recession is, how to cope with it, and how it can be controlled or moderated. Also features interesting sidebars such as "Myths and Facts about Recession" and "Ten Great Questions to Ask a Financial Adviser." Author Nagle, Jeanne. PG 4-8 -4-8 ISBN # 9781435853218; 1435853210 PL HB3743 .N338 2010 Contents What a recession is and isn't -The causes of a recession -Predicting and identifying a recession -Real world recessions -Dealing with the effects of a recession. Gen Note Includes bibliographical references and index.

How Globalization Works (448013) Physical Illustrated; 80 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor GUMDROP BOOKS (2223) Publisher ROSEN PUB (1615) Audience Intermediate, Junior High (IJ) Series Real World Economics (4291) Synopsis Explains how globalization works on the theoretical level and in actual, observable, real world ways. Includes helpful sidebars such as "Myths and Facts about Globalization" and "Ten Great Questions about Globalization to Ask an Economist." Author La Bella, Laura. Edition 1st ed. PG 4-8 -4-8 ISBN # 9781435853232; 1435853237 PL JZ1318 .L334 2010 Contents Types of globalization -The how's and why's of globalization -The effects of globalization -The best the world has to offer -Globalization and immigration.

I can Problem Solve: An Interpersonal Cognitive Problem-Solving Program, Intermediate Elementary Grades. (448254) Physical 421 pages Copyrighted 2001 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Publisher Research Press (1054) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Teaches children thinking skills that can be used to help resolve or prevent people problems. Includes formal lessons and specific suggestions for incorporating the program principles in classroom interactions and the curriculum. Author Shure, Myrna B. Edition 2nd Ed. ISBN # 0-87822-471-8 Contents Pre-Problem-Solving Skills — Problem-Solving Skills: Alternative Solutions, Consequences, Solution-Consequence Pairs, Means-Ends Thinking. Gen Note Appendix A: Guidelines for Continued ICPS Teaching. Appendix B: ICPS Dialoguing Reminders.

I'm Deaf and It's Okay (449297) Copyrighted 1986 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Publisher Albert Whitman & Co (4338) Audience Intermediate (I) Synopsis A young boy describes the frustrations caused by his deafness and the encouragement he receives from a deaf teenager that he can lead an active life. Author Aseltine, Lorraine and Evelyn Mueller and Nancy Tait Credits Pictures by Helen Cogancherry. ISBN # 0-8075-3472-2

Journal of Research on Technology in Education : Summer / 2009 (449309) Copyrighted 2010 Collection Professional Collection Series Journal of Research on Technology in Education: Fall / 2009 (4381) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 41, Issue 4 Contents K-12 Distance Educators at Work: Who's Teaching Online Across the United States; Teachers' Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Learning Activity Types: Curriculum-based Technology Integration Reframed; Teachers' Beliefs and Technology Practices: A Mixed-methods Approach; Comparing Self-paced and Cohort-based Online Courses for Teachers.

The Late Talker : What to do if Your Child isn't Talking Yet (448444) Physical 228 pages Copyrighted 2003 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Publisher St. Martin's Press (4940) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Offers advice on how to know if a late-talking child has a speech delay or disorder, providing coverage of such topics as the warning signs of a serious disorder, finding a therapist, and at-home speech exercises. Author Agin, Marilyn C. and Lisa F. Geng and Malcolm J. Nicholl. ISBN # 0-312-28754-2 Contents The Road to Speech — The Danger of Delay — My Mouth Won't Work — Meet the Experts: Doctors and Therapists — Unlocking her Voice : Getting the Right Kind of Therapy — Getting the Help You Need — What Parents Can Do to Help — Alternative Strategies: Nutritional Intervention — Coping with Your Child's Frustrations — Coping with Your Own Frustrations and Fears — Putting it All Together. Gen Note Five appendices. Glossary. Bibliographical references. Index.

Life Skills Activities for Special Children (447977) Physical 346 pages Copyrighted 1992 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Publisher Jossey-Bass (1208) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis One hundred forty-five ready-to-use lessons with reproducible worksheets to help children develop the basic skills necessary to experience independence and success in everyday living. Author Mannix, Darlene. ISBN # 0876285477

Manners in a Mannerless World (447140) Physical Color; Captioned; 29 minutes Copyrighted 2009 Distributor BECON (4341) Producer Broward Education Communications Ne (4363) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series Hall Pass (4165) Synopsis An etiquette expert directs a group of teens through a formal table setting, evaluates their cell phone and table manners, teaches a proper introduction, and how to thank someone for a gift. PB Broward Education Communications Network. PG junior high/high school.

A New Look at ADHD: Inhibition, Time and Self-Control (448253) Physical Color; Sound; 39 minutes Copyrighted 2000 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Producer Guilford Press (0566) Synopsis Features Russell A. Barkley as he presents a framework for understanding the nature and causes of attetnion deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD. Dr. Barkley shares his thinking about the roots of many of the most troubling and perplexing ADHD symptoms in children and adults. Suggests more effective clinical interventions. Includes 1-39 min. videocassette, Leader's Guide, and 1 Program Manual.

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and Other Classic Tales (447129) Physical Sound; 64 minutes Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Follett (0985) Producer Findaway World (4278) Audience Primary (P) Synopsis Presents four classic tales. Titles include: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi by Rudyard Kipling; Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; John Henry by Julius Lester; and Noah's Ark by Jerry Pinkney. Edition Unabridged Contents 3 hardcover books and 1 paperback, and 1 case containing 1 digital audio player, 1 set of ear phones, and 1 lanyard. Gen Note Player issued on Playaway, a digital audiobook. Cast Read by Samuel L. Jackson and others.

Smokejumpers: Battling the forest flames (448809) Physical Illustrated; 48 pages Copyrighted 2003 Distributor Capstone Curriculum Pub (4624) Series High Five Reading (3172) Synopsis Looks at the history, equipment, training, and work of fire fighters who parachute into wildfires burning in areas that are otherwise hard to reach. Author Briscoe, Diana PG 4.5 -5-8 ISBN # 0736895485 PL SD421.23 .B75 2003 Gen Note Includes bibliographical references (p. 46) and index.

Understanding the U.S. Constitution (448110) Physical Illustrated Copyrighted 2009 Distributor GUMDROP BOOKS (2223) Publisher CRABTREE PUBLISHING (2113) Audience Intermediate, Junior High (IJ) Series Documenting Early America (4259) Synopsis Young readers learn about important American documents and how they have helped cement the ideas and beliefs of America. Author Isaacs, Sally Senzell PG 4-8 -4-8 ISBN # 077874373X; 9780778743736 Contents The constitution -Fighting for freedom -A New Nation -The articles fail -Starting over -Separating power -Reaching agreement -The slavery question -Debates in the states -The Bill of Rights -The New Government -The people choose -Planning for change -Timeline.