Welcome to Northwest AEA’s monthly newsletter and education blogs, resources and forums called, “Connections.”

Last year, Northwest AEA embarked on the idea of moving to an electronic newsletter format and utilizing content-specific blogs, forums and resources based on feedback from educators across northwest Iowa. We hope you found relevance in the newsletter, blogs, forums and resources, as we plan to continue the format for 2010-11. The intent is to connect educators, parents and school administrators with one another by sharing news, best practices, resources, professional development opportunities and success stories. A two-way dialogue is encouraged so that, together, we can help students reach their potential and achieve in the classroom and in life. We hope you will continue to take advantage of the resources at your fingertips by having discussions with other like educators and make it your own Professional Learning Community (PLC)!

Here is a list of the blogs we update regularly. Please link (or directly access from the Northwest AEA Web site) to the blogs that are most relevant to you:    

•    Career Tech
•    Early Childhood Educators 
•    Elementary Educators  
•    English Language Learners  
•    Fine Arts  
•    Instructional Coach   
•    Instructional Technology  
•    Iowa Core Curriculum  
•    Math
•    Paraeducators                               
•    Parents/Learning Supports   
•    Physical Education/Health      
•    Reading                                                  
•    School Administrators 
•    Science 
•    Section 504: Protecting Students with Disabilities                                                                                                  
•    Social Studies
•    Special Education                                 
•    Student Support Services  
•    TAG                                                                                  
•    Teacher Librarians                                                                                                                                                                                     

In addition to each blog, we have a forum feature that allows online conversations about topics and a resources area to post articles, links and documents. This will all be open for anyone to view: We did not password-protect any areas so that it will be easy to access and is user-friendly.

Please give us your feedback on these new tools and please be flexible with these technologies because they will continually evolve. We will bring you current and relevant information to assist you in educating your students. Most importantly, we hope you will participate in the conversations. Content and ideas will only be valuable if we build them together, side-by-side.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any Northwest AEA employee for assistance.

Educationally yours,

Dr. Tim Grieves
Chief Administrator

P.S. Click here to go to all the blogs located on the Northwest AEA Web site. Be sure to sign up for blog updates by clicking on the RSS Feed button, too!