The 2010-11 school year brings the second year of Northwest AEA's instructional coaching service model to schools in northwest Iowa. Northwest AEA introduced the service delivery model last year to address the requests of educators to have more time with respective AEA personnel. The model places AEA staff in school buildings for longer periods of time as dedicated representatives of the agency. Previously, AEA teams would travel to schools on a regular basis. The new model allows Northwest AEA employees to help school staff and students in their area of expertise and also allows staff to build new skills and become liaisons with other staff members to find solutions for children.

Approximately 75 percent of all schools within the Northwest AEA territory are participating in the instructional coach model. The remaining 25 percent of schools will move to the model next year.

The attached brochure explains the model and its benefits. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact your AEA representative or the regional facilitator responsible for AEA services at your school.