Iowa AEA Online is a virtual library that provides access to 12 high-quality, web-based resources for accredited public and non-public PreK-12 schools. There are a few changes to Iowa AEA Online this year.

Changes took effect on August 1. Some new resources have been added and some are no longer available. Please find attached a one-page document that describes the current resources. You can also find additional information at the Iowa AEA Online web page.

Another big change is a new username/password. Because we've had the same username/password for a number of years, it was deemed necessary to make changes for security reasons. AEAs across the state adopted a similar format for the new usernames. Those usernames are now a combination of district number and alpha characters.

All school districts and buildings have already received new usernames/passwords. If you have questions about any particular building or particular database, please ask your teacher-librarian or contact Pam Buysman, educational media consultant at the AEA.