In July, the Iowa Department of Education released “Rising To Greatness: An Imperative for Improving Iowa’s Schools.” The report suggests that our results have stagnated while other states have accelerated, and presents us with a challenge:

“…Our success in improving our schools begins by confronting the reality that something must be done.” (Jason Glass, Director, Iowa Department of Education, Rising to Greatness, p.3)

No challenge is greater than addressing the growing achievement gap for students from different racial or ethnic backgrounds, poverty, and those with disabilities…Iowa’s children who struggle most to learn. In fact, the achievement gap between Iowa students with and without disabilities on the 2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the worst in the nation.

“The persistence and size of the achievement gap for students with disabilities in Iowa is not just embarrassing—it is intolerable.” (Jason Glass, Director, Iowa Department of Education, Rising to Greatness, p.20).

This Administrator Seminar will provide participants with information about the planned Iowa statewide implementation of “Response to Intervention” (RtI), Northwest AEA’s vision of support for students and teachers, and jump start our professional dialogue about how we can work together to close the gap and "rise to greatness."

Please plan to join the conversation. See the attached flyer for dates and locations.