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Almost Astronauts: 13 Women Who Dared to Dream (453045)
Physical     Sound; 240 min
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     Follett (0985)
Producer     Findaway World (4278)
Audience     Intermediate, Junior High (IJ)
Synopsis     Profiles thirteen women who challenged social norms and government policies to prove they could be exceptional astronauts. Book by Tanya Lee Stone, ISBN: 978-0-329-70080-5.
Edition     Unabridged
Contents     1 hardcover book, and 1 case containing 1 digital audio player, 1 set of ear phones, and 1 lanyard.
Gen Note     Book of 133 pages. Player issued on Playaway, a digital audiobook.
Cast     Performed by Susan Ericksen.

Art in the Twenty-First Century: Seasons One and Two (452933)
Physical     Color; Sound; 450 minutes
Copyrighted     2003
Distributor     PBS Video (2711)
Producer     PBS Home Video (4085)
Audience     Senior High, Adult (SA)
Series     Art : 21 (5476)
Synopsis     Features contemporary artists reflecting on their lives, sources of inspiration and working processes. Profiled artists include painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, installation and video artists, and artists working with new media, envrionmental or public isses, and hybrid forms. Season 1 themes include places, spirituality, identity, and consumption; Season 2 themes include stories, loss & desire, time, and humor. Featured artists include Laurie Anderson, Richard Serra, Sally Mann, Margaret Kilgallen & Barry McGee, Pepon Osorio, Beryl Korto, Ann Hamilton, John Feodorov, Shahzia Sikander, James Turrell, William Wegman, Bruce Nauman, Kerry James Marshall, Louise Bourgeois, Maya Lin, Barbara Kruger, Michael Ray Charles, Matthew Barney, Andrea Zittel, Mel Chin, Eleanor Antin, Janine Antoni, Vija Celmins, Walton Ford, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Tim Hawkinson, Elizabeth Murray, Gabriel Orozco, Raymond Pettibon, Paul Pfeiffer, Martin Puryeat, Collier Schorr, Kiki Smith, Do-Ho Suh, and Kara Walker.
Gen Note     Includes teacher guides for Seasons 1 and 2. "Art:21 recommends that teachers preview all videos before showing them to determine whether the content is appropriate for viewing in their particular communities or with their students' age group."

A bee's life (453078)
Physical     Illustrated; 24 pages
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     HEINEMANN LIBRARY (3171)
Series     Watch it grow (5491)
Synopsis     Photographs and easy-to-follow text explain the life cycle of a bee, describing how larva are hatched from eggs, grow into bees, and the queen bee's role in laying more eggs.
Author     Dickmann, Nancy.
PG     1.4. -K-3
ISBN #     1432941372
PL     QL565.2 .D53 2010
Contents     Life cycles -Eggs and larvae -Becoming a bee -Workers, drones, and queens -Life cycle of a bee.
Gen Note     Includes index.

Career and Technical Education Advisor 2011 / June (452949)
Copyrighted     2011
Collection     Professional Collection
Series     Career and Technical Education Advisor: August / 2010 throug (4388)
Synopsis     Professional Periodical
Edition     Volume 7, Issue 4
Contents     Virtual experiences increase students' access to medical field; News briefs: Fla. DOE lets schools start academies; Study: Parents support mobile learning in schools; Panel: College, career readiness possible with supports.

Conflict in the Middle East (453100)
Physical     Illustrated; 46 pages
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     Arcturus (4677)
Series     Secret history (5494)
Synopsis     Explores the secrets of the conflict in the Middle East, discussing spies, surveillance, special operations, weapons, and other related topics, with biographical sidebars, quotes, photographs, and maps.
Author     Abbott, David
PG     8.1. -3-6
ISBN #     1848376979
PL     UB271.M628 A236 2010
Contents     Espionage and surveillance -Secret agents at work -Double agents -Spying equipment -Secret tunnels -Countering terrorism -Hostage rescue -The code breakers -Secret weapons -Nuclear weapons -Operation Entebbe -Assassinations -Guerrilla tactics -Propaganda -Diplomacy and secrecy -Terrorist attacks -Hostages and prisoners.
Gen Note     Includes bibliographical references (p. 45) and index.

Dewey the Library Cat: A True Story (453046)
Physical     Sound; 270 min
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     Follett (0985)
Producer     Findaway World (4278)
Audience     Intermediate, Junior High (IJ)
Synopsis     A middle-grade adaptation of the true story of Dewey, a cat who was found in the library book drop and adopted by the staff. Book by Vicki Myron.
Edition     Abridged
Contents     1 book, and 1 case containing 1 digital audio player, 1 set of ear phones, and 1 lanyard.
Gen Note     Player issued on Playaway, a digital audiobook.
Cast     Read bu Suzanne Toren.

Ecomazes : twelve Earth adventures (453278)
Physical     Illustrated
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     Sterling (0933)
Synopsis     Readers assume the role of a biologist, nature photographer, scientist, cowboy, and others in order to find their way through twelve mazes, each of which leads to a different ecosystem. Includes items to find along the way.
Author     Munro, Roxie.
PG     3.9. -K-3
ISBN #     140276393X
PL     QH541.14 .M86 2010

Exceptional Children EC 2011 / Summer (453480)
Copyrighted     2011
Collection     Professional Collection
Series     Exceptional Children EC : Fall / 2010 through Summer / 2011 (4503)
Synopsis     Professional Periodical
Edition     Volume 77, Number 4
Contents     Effects of Individualized and Standardized Interventions on Middle School Students with Reading Disabilities;: This study examined year-long Tier 3 reading interventions with middle school students who were randomly assigned to standardized or individualized treatments; High School Graduation of Students with Disabilities: How Long Does It Take?: The author investigated high school experiences and amount of time required for meeting high school graduation requirements for students with varying disabilities; Waging a Living: Career Development and Long-Term Employment Outcomes for Young Adults with Disabilities: This case study revealed findings about the career development process and postschool employment outcomes for a sample of individuals with disabilities who were working in living wage occupations 7 to 10 years after exiting high school; Predicting School Readiness for Low-Income Children with Disability Risks Identified Early: This study examined school readiness at kindergarten entry for low-income children with disability indicators who were identified before age 3; Predicting First-Grade Reading Performance From Kindergarten Response to Tier 1 Instruction: This large scale study examined kindergarten Tier 1 reading instruction across seven schools and 20 classrooms and predicted first-grade reading performance; High- and Average-Achieving Students' Perceptions of Disabilities and of Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Classrooms: This mixed methods design study examined attitudes toward disability held by Children with disabilities, and average- and high-achieving children; Social Outcomes of Students Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing in General Education Classrooms: This longitudinal study examined problem behaviors and social skills of students who were classified as deaf or hard of hearing, and were enrolled in general education classes.

The Grapes of Wrath (453400)
Physical     Sound; 120 min
Copyrighted     2007
Distributor     Follett (0985)
Producer     Findaway World (4278)
Audience     Junior High, Senior High (JS)
Synopsis     Presents a dramatization of John Steinbeck's novel about the plight of American farmers who were forced off their farms by drought and foreclosure during the Great Depression. Book by John Steinbeck, ISBN: 978-0-329-64854-1.
Edition     Unabridged
Contents     1 hardcover book, and 1 case containing 1 digital audio player, 1 set of ear phones, 1 lanyard and 1 extra battery.
Gen Note     Book of 455 pages. Player issued on Playaway, a digital audiobook.
Cast     Starring Shirley Knight, Jeffrey Donovan; with full cast.

If you're a monster and you know it (453224)
Physical     Illustrated
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     ORCHARD BOOKS (1662)
Synopsis     Monsters sing their own version of this popular song that encourages everyone to express their happiness through voice and movement.
Author     Emberley, Rebecca.
Author     Emberley, Ed.
Edition     1st ed.
PG     1.5. -K-3
ISBN #     0545218292
PL     PZ8.3.E517 If 2010

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow & Rip Van Winkle (453438)
Physical     Not Applicable; 150 min
Copyrighted     2007
Distributor     Follett (0985)
Producer     Findaway World, LLC (4244)
Audience     Junior High, Senior High (JS)
Synopsis     Contains two stories set in the Catskill Mountains, including "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" in which a superstitious schoolmaster encounters a headless horseman; and "Rip Van Winkle," the story of a man who sleeps for twenty years and wakes to a much-changed world.
Edition     Unabridged.
Contents     1 hardcover book, and 1 case containing 1 digital audio player, 1 set of ear phones, and 1 lanyard.
Gen Note     Player issued on Playaway, a digital audiobook.
Cast     Read by George Vafiadis.

Music Educators Journal 2011 / June (453465)
Copyrighted     2011
Collection     Professional Collection
Series     Music Educators : September / 2010 through May / 2011 (4515)
Synopsis     Professional Periodical
Edition     Volume 97, Number 4
Contents     A Safe Education for All: Recognizing and Stemming Harassment in Music Classes and Ensembles; Do You Hear What I'm Sayin'? Overcoming Miscommunications between Music Teachers and Students; Understanding Your Band, Orchestra, and Choir Students: Personality Similarities and Differences and What They Mean for You; Differentiation in the Music Classroom; Demystifying Differentiation for the Elementary Music Classroom; Rethinking Religion in Music Education; Philosophy + Advocacy : Success.

Pop! The invention of bubble gum (453087)
Physical     Illustrated
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     Simon & Schuster Books for Young Re (4290)
Synopsis     A collection of amusing historical facts on the invention of bubble gum.
Author     McCarthy, Meghan.
Edition     1st ed.
PG     4.8. -K-3
ISBN #     1416979700
PL     TX799 .M33 2010
Gen Note     "A Paula Wiseman Book." Includes bibliographical references.

Super simple things to do with water : fun and easy science for kids (453174)
Physical     Illustrated; 24 pages
Copyrighted     2011
Distributor     Abdo (4727)
Series     Super simple science (5508)
Synopsis     Simple step-by-step text and photographs for six water experiments. Includes a materials list.
Author     Doudna, Kelly
PG     2.8. -K-3
ISBN #     1617146773
PL     QD169.W3 D68 2011
Contents     Water -Work like a scientist -Materials -Bottled up -Super simple siphon -Pack it in -Expand your horizon -Sealed up tight -Straw pole.
Gen Note     "Super sandcastle"—Cover p. [4].

The Village Garage (453268)
Physical     Illustrated
Copyrighted     2010
Distributor     Henry Holt (1514)
Synopsis     Throughout the seasons the workers at the Village Garage are busy taking care of the town and its residents.
Author     Karas, G. Brian.
Edition     1st ed.
PG     2.1. -K-3
ISBN #     0805087168
PL     PZ7.K1296 Vi 2010
Gen Note     Christy Ottaviano Books.

What can live in a forest? (453114)
Physical     Illustrated; 23 pages
Copyrighted     2011
Distributor     LERNER PUBLICATIONS (1497)
Series     First step nonfiction. Animal adaptations (5498)
Synopsis     Photographs and simple text introduce readers to animals that live in the forest and their unique characteristics, including ants with strong jaws for cutting leaves, deer with brown coats to help them hide, and porcupines with sharp quills to protect them.
Author     Anderson, Sheila.
PG     2.4. -K-3
ISBN #     076134571X
PL     QL112 .A54 2011
Gen Note     Includes index.

Writing in Preschool: Learning to Orchestrate Meaning and Marks, 2nd Ed. (453450)
Physical     104 pages
Copyrighted     2009
Distributor     Follett (0985)
Publisher     International Reading Association (1239)
Audience     Adult (A)
Synopsis     Authors Judith A. Schickedanz and Renée M. Casbergue provide a detailed picture of preschoolers' writing development and demonstrate how teachers can support students on their journey from scribble to script. The fully revised and updated chapters show you how to identify and build the various strands of knowledge and skills that must come together for preschoolers to understand how print works.
Author     Schickedanz, Judith A. and Renee M. Casbergue
ISBN #     978-0-87207-691-4
Contents     Where young children start in learning to write — Helping children to convey meaning in words — From scribble to script — From letter strings to real words — Supporting preschool children's writing — Assessing writing development in the early years — Home-school connections.