The new and improved AEA Media Catalog is ready and waiting for you! The online reservation system allows you to check out instructional resources located at Prairie Lakes AEA in Pocahontas, as well as from the Sioux City and Sioux Center locations of Northwest AEA, in a single search.

The new patron catalog is called SNAP, and it has an updated, modern look. Similar to other Iowa AEA Online databases used by teachers, SNAP allows users to easily filter or narrow searches to find specific instructional resources. Ordering materials is as easy as filling your cart with the resources you want and submitting your request. Northwest AEA anticipates ordering more digital content in the future, and SNAP has an embedded video player that will allow teachers to view and download digital videos purchased by Northwest AEA or Prairie Lakes AEA.

If you have any questions about the new system, please contact Ann Derochie, circulation coordinator in the Sioux City office, at 712/222-6065, or Kim Noteboom, circulation coordinator in the Sioux Center office, at 712/722-4378 ext. 7817.

To search the Media Catalog, please click here or go to the Northwest AEA website and click "Media Catalog" on the right:

Contact your teacher librarian if you do not know your password or contact Northwest AEA at the numbers listed above.

Here is a small sample of the tens of thousands of titles available:

Preventing Fights
video, College/Adult, 00:31:12, Sunburst Visual Media, 2000
Gives school staff an understanding on how to handle and prevent fighting and conflicts in the school system.

Improving the School Climate: Assessment of School Climate
video, College/Adult, 00:05:58, Sunburst Visual Media, 2000
Assesses current conditions at schools in order to see where improvement is needed, encourages administrators, faculty, and staff to be enthusiastic and positive, as well as questions the school community in order to gain important feedback.

Building Respectful Schools and Classrooms
video, College/Adult, 00:36:31, Sunburst Visual Media, 1999
Describes ways for professionals to deal with certain situations in school in order to create a respectful climate.

Conflict Resolution: Building a Peaceable School Climate
video, College/Adult, 00:28:51, Sunburst Visual Media, 2005
Looks to find ways to resolve conflicts at school between teachers, students, and faculty as well as attempts to show various ways of collaborating and calming down from an escalated argument.

Going to School and Getting ready for School
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Primary, 00:01:29, TVOntario, 2008
Melvin and Jinluka talk about going to School. Also, Ask a Big Kid "How do you get ready for School?"

Introduction: Sticks is getting ready for School and School on the Mind
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Primary, 00:02:55, TVOntario, 2008
Sticks is getting ready for School. Also, Sticks can't stop thinking about School.

Being friends and Meeting friends in School
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Primary, 00:04:00, TVOntario, 2008
Gisele and Sticks talk about being friends. Also, Melvin, Justin, and Aidan talk about meeting friends in School.

Middle School: What It's All About
video, Intermediate - Junior High, 00:06:00, Sunburst Visual Media, 2006
Introduces the regular tasks and schedule changes of going to Middle School, as well as discusses the new responsibilities students have to take on during this time.

What's Next?: Trade School
video, Senior High, 00:02:25, Sunburst Visual Media, 2001
Describes the option high school graduates have of going to trade school.

Growing Up in Brazil: Going to School
video, Primary - Intermediate, 00:06:16, Classroom Video, 2003
Describes a weekday for a child in Curitiba, which includes going to school on the bus system and participating in after school activities.

New Things and Curiosity
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Primary, 00:03:11, TVOntario, 2008
Gisele talks about doing New things. Also, a song about Curiosity.

Aim High: Success in School and Out
video, Intermediate - Junior High, 00:18:45, Sunburst Visual Media, 2005
Discusses personal success and positive lifestyles, talks about how to always strive for the best, as well as tells students that practicing anything will always make your skills better.

Special Kids: A Day At School
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Senior High, 00:41:20, TMW, 2006
Teaches: Social, Communications, Motor & Play Skills plus speech, labeling, writing, reading, sequencing, modeling, generalization, and association to objects, actions and concepts. What's a typical day at school like? There's a lot to do and it's a lot of fun! Children learn the alphabet, numbers, spelling, reading and writing plus singing a song, watch kids color pictures and play at recess. This program also teaches children how to behave - from getting on the bus, to sitting quietly, to raising their hand or waiting their turn.