Iowa AEA Online

Written by Pam Buysman, Northwest AEA educational/media consultant

Even though Area Education Agencies have negotiated new contracts to begin the next cycle of statewide provided resources, there haven’t been many changes. ScienceFlix is the only new resource to students and teachers at Northwest AEA. It is part of Iowa AEA Online and is brand new to Northwest AEA as well.  FreedomFlix is also a new addition to Iowa AEA Online, but is a resource that Northwest AEA has had for several years. AEAs no longer provide AP Images or Atomic Learning. At this point in time, you’ll access the resources using the same username/password assigned to your school for several years. Each building has a unique username, so check with your teacher librarian or me if you need that information. Everyone uses nwaea as the password.

Northwest AEA has several other resources that are not part of Iowa AEA Online. Cybersmarts, Teen Cybersmarts, MackinVia and are additions to state offerings. You can see a list of all the resources by going to Northwest AEA’s homepage and clicking on the AEA Online Resources link found in the upper right corner. 


I’ve also created a Google Doc that briefly describes all the resources. You can access that here

Since many of us enjoy going to YouTube when we want to learn how to do something, I’ve curated some videos and other resources that provide tutorials and guides on how to use these resources. You can find that here. If you have questions, feel free to contact me as well. 

Finally, if you would like a little practice finding information within the resources, feel free to try the Challenge I’ve created. Good luck! 

Upcoming changes

In the near future, accessing the online resources will be quite different. AEAs have been developing a portal that will allow users to use a single sign-on to access all of the resources available. Plans are to do pilots this fall and then when it has been determined that the system is working well, it will be shared with everyone. Watch for additional details about this in the near future.