Iowa’s AEAs and AEA Learning Online have been collaborating to move their individual professional learning and licensure registration systems to a statewide professional learning registration system located at

The new AEA Professional Learning Registration System has been a highly-anticipated project and is expected to provide users with enhanced content through a statewide catalog of professional learning opportunities. The collaborative project also creates greater equity and consistency in programming and resources to help support quality professional learning and licensure programming in Iowa.

New system features include:

Offerings Are Available Statewide

Individuals who use the system may view all courses and activities that are available across the state. Users may search by specific courses, topics, location and more. 

All Completed Courses Are in One Transcript

In the new system, there is one common transcript that shows all courses taken by an individual, including courses from AEA Learning Online. Anything that the individual has taken from an Iowa AEA appears in one document. Users may print their own transcripts and receipts for tax purposes. 

Payments May be Split

Split payment option for credit card and/or purchase orders is available. 

Login is Easy and Familiar

Users of the new system will log in using their existing email and password that they use to log in to the AEA Learning System (e.g. Mandatory Reporter, Bloodborne Pathogens trainings.)

Note: Transition Time

Visitors to the site should be aware that the few weeks after the initial launch are considered a transitional period, meaning that the system may not be fully optimized with all the robust capabilities as data is moved from the former system to the current system. Your patience is appreciated. If you have any concerns, contact Joyce Vanderwilt at