Are you having students create more multimedia presentations? Do you want to be able to incorporate music into those presentations but you’re concerned about copyright compliance? Even though it’s technically easy to add music to projects, chances are it may not be legal.  General copyright guidelines say 10% of a musical selection but no more than 30 seconds can be used in those student projects. So what can teachers and students do to meet multimedia needs while still complying with copyright?  


One of the resources available to students and teachers in schools in Iowa is one of the Iowa AEA Online resources, Soundzabound. Soundzabound is a royalty free music source created for education by music professionals with the objective of providing music that teachers and students can use confidently in projects. In fact, Iowa Cheerleading Coaches Association recently signed an agreement with Soundzabound to use their music in cheer competitions. This ensures copyright compliance. Currently NWAEA has six volumes of music and will be adding a new awarding title in the near future. 


There are a myriad of ways to use Soundzabound. This list provides a few ideas. 

  • Video yearbooks
  • Sport highlight videos
  • Graduation slideshows
  • Music for video presentations
  • Student assemblies
  • PowerPoint/Google Slides Presentations
  • News broadcasts
  • Uploading content to YouTube


Integration with Google Slides  Many schools use Google Slides for student presentations.  Google Slides just recently added the ability to play music continuously in a presentation. It’s now really easy to use Soundzabound to add music to Google Slides. Start out by going to the Iowa AEA online site and choosing Soundzabound from the menu on the left. At the site, enter your school’s username/password. If you are not sure what that is, check with your teacher librarian or Find the music clip you want and download it. Then, upload that selection to your Google Drive. Next, add the Audio Player for Slides from the Google App Store. Finally, open a Google Slide presentation. Right-click any slide inside your Google Slide window and select “Manage Audio.” Choose the Soundzabound clip and decide if you want to add it to specific slides or to your entire presentation.