What if I told you that I knew about something that could improve your mood, reduce stress, increase your confidence as well as your physical health and help you feel more relaxed?  And then....what if I told you that you could have unlimited access to this for free?  Would you want to hear more?  Well.......the answer is simple and it's happening right outside your door.  Nature!  Yes...the healing power of nature.  Maybe it’s taking five minutes daily to pay attention to nature, going for a walk, or making a plan to eat lunch outside.  These are just a few of the many things you can do to boost your mood, keep you in the present and give you energy!

Not able to spend time outside?  Research also shows that even fake nature has many benefits, whether it’s listening to the sounds of nature or viewing scenes of nature.  Check out some of these links and see for yourself!

Just this past weekend, we were traveling out of town and our car broke down in a rural area.  I had just started researching the benefits of nature, so the topic was fresh in my mind.  During the hour that we were waiting for the tow truck, I focused on the sites and sounds around me as a means of support in this stressful situation.  I must say that it was helpful and calming.  I watched the corn stalks sway back and forth in the wind, paid attention to the cool breeze coming through the windows and felt the warm sun on my skin.  I listened to the sounds of birds chattering as the clouds slowly made their way across the blue sky.  

I would like to challenge all of us to be more intentional about embedding nature into our daily routine.  As for myself, I won’t be waiting for my car to break down to once again enjoy the benefits of nature and it’s healing power.