Posted on 11/24/2009 at 11:38 AM by Global Reach

Young children need support to build strong literacy skills, which will help them be ready for later experiences when they get to school. Teachers can best support preschoolers through a variety of language experiences, which allow them to build “background knowledge.” This knowledge consists of being able to understand and use a large vocabulary of about 3,000 words at the start of kindergarten. Some other key elements of early literacy activities include being able to do story re-tell, using fine motor skills (pre-writing), and building experience with phonemic awareness.
Northwest AEA has provided early literacy training through a training titled “Every Child Reads.” This training occurs about four to five times per year. For more information about an upcoming Every Child Reads session, please contact Sally Hartley, 1-888-472-6037, ext. 3512 or Mary Groen, 1-800-352-9040, ext. 6122.


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