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The benefits of high-quality preschool programs are many.  Considering the economic situation in our state, this is an excellent time to focus on the improved academic outcomes to children, families, and communities, as well as the economic savings to schools and states.

This information is taken from pre[k]now

The Benefits of High-Quality Pre-K
•Successful Students
    --increases high school graduation rates
    --helps children do better on standardized tests
    --reduces grade repetition
    --reduces the number of children placed in special education
•Responsible Adults
    --reduces crime and delinquency
    --lowers teen pregnancy
    --leads to greater employment and higher wages as adults
    --contributes to more stable families
•Stronger Communities
    --Every $1 invested in high-quality pre-k saves taxpayers up to $7
    --improves efficiency and productivity in the classroom

Go to the pre[k]now site for additional information on each of the benefits listed above.  

Submitted by Audrey Hansen, Early Childhood Consultant, NWAEA



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