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As I was thinking about the content of this blog, I was going to give yet another “plug” for the Centering on Centers Conference with Dr. Jean. Teachers know that Dr. Jean has advocated for making learning fun and making the connection between learning and music for many years. Children love her action songs and music. What a great opportunity for teachers and children!
But I also found a very interesting article about early brain development and the connections between music and language development. In an excerpt from Early Brain Development Research Review and Update, in an Exchange Every Day article (December 20, 2010), Pam Schiller notes the new thinking on the link between music and language.
“Linguists, psychologists and neuro-scientists have recently changed their long held opinion about the relationships between speaking and singing. The latest data show that music and language are so intertwined that an awareness of music is critical to a baby’s language development.”
Ms. Schiller goes on to say that “brain areas governing music and language overlap. Music and language have much in common. All languages have a melody that is unique. A person’s native tongue influences the way he perceives music. ”
So sing, dance, hum, chant, and move with young children to stimulate language and brain development.
I would encourage you to check out Exchange Every Day. It is a free, daily e-mail site that focuses on all aspects of early childhood development. Go to for more information.
And don’t forget the Centering on Centers Conference on Feb. 11-12 with Dr. Jean. There’s a free concert for children (must be accompanied by an adult) on Thursday, Feb. 10 at 5:00-6:00 p.m. at the Sioux City Convention Center.

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