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For those who attended the Centering on Centers Conference on January 27 and 28th, plungers took on whole new perspective.  Lisa Murphy encouraged participants to think outside the box and be creative in the types of materials that are used for art. But plungers????  Yes, plungers!!!  With rolls of paper laid out on the floor, the participants were able to dip plungers in the paint and then on the paper – WOW, a whole new look for paintings. 

Others decided to experiment with the ‘science’ of the plunger, trying to get it to stick to the floor, the walls, even their bodies. Go to Lisa Murphy on YouTube to watch Sioux City participants having fun with the plungers. 

While visiting one preschool a week later, I chuckled as I saw a large container with 17 plungers in the classroom (she bought out the dollar store!). The teacher told me that the children were exploring what the plungers would stick to and told the administrator they were learning about “suction."  What a great learning experience!  (Now the rest of the elementary wants to use them too.)

It doesn’t take expensive commercial materials to have a good quality science or art program for young children----just a little imagination.

If anyone has pictures of children using plungers, please share them.

Mary Groen
Early Childhood Consultant

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