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The beginning of the school year is an exciting time but may also be a time of anxiety for both children and adults.  Whether children are new to preschool or not, we can expect that there will be strong emotions during the first days of school.  We must expect some children to exhibit different levels of fear, anxiety, extreme excitement, sadness, frustration, wonder, and confusion.  Some children cheerfully and enthusiastically enter the classroom while others stand back in awe or fear.

As teachers, in the first few weeks of the school year, you will be busy learning about each child and supporting children as they learn to say “good-bye” to parents/families and become familiar with the classroom and the school routines. Children will have questions like, Where do I put my backpack?  When do I get to play?  Where is the bathroom?  When will mom come back? 

Planning carefully for the first few days of school can ease the transitions and help children feel more comfortable and secure. If you can anticipate their needs, you’ll be better prepared to plan for their arrival and support them successfully. (quoted from Teaching Strategies, Beginning of the Year, p.3)

Remember that time spent in planning and preparing for the first few days of school will help to create an inviting environment for young children. 

Have GREAT first days of the school year!

As we launch another year of monthly blogs from Early Childhood, we are excited to announce that we will be starting a “tip of the week” for preschool teachers.  Look each week for an idea to help you in meeting Quality Preschool Program Standards or Iowa Early Learning Standards.


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