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Meets QPPS criteria 2.14 and others

Even as the weather gets colder, children need to have opportunities to play outdoors on a daily basis whenever possible.

Notify parents that you will be playing outdoors and to dress the children accordingly.  Have extra mittens, hats, and boots available for children who may not have them.  Bundle up and get ready for some winter fun.

Try these fun winter ideas:

  •     Include shovels and pails for children to use while playing in the snow.
  •     Use colored water in spray bottles to make colorful snow.
  •     Go for a walk and look for where the birds and squirrels have their nests.
  •     Set up a bird feeder or squirrel feeder and watch the animals in the winter.
  •     Be sure to plant some tulips so they will come up in the spring.
  •     Make paths in the snow and follow or chase each other around the paths.      
  •     Play FREEZE tag.


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