Posted on 03/11/2014 at 08:31 AM by Global Reach

Relationships are different from simple interactions.  Interactions are brief, often informal and lacking emotions.  Building RELATIONSHIPS takes longer, has emotional connections but endures over time with children.  Here are a few ideas on building relationships from Tweety Yates, Centering on Centers Conference 2014:

STRIVE FOR FIVE – five back and forth interactions or conversations with each child every day.

FIVE TO ONE – every child needs five times more positive comments or feed back than negative.  Let the child know what he/she is doing right.

FILL THE BUCKET – give every child a bucket full of positive comments during their preschool year.  Write positive notes to the child.  Give the notes to the child and parents at conferences or the end of the year.

PICTURES OF FAMILIES – have pictures of children with families posted in the room – maybe in the housekeeping area – to show how important the whole family is to your preschool.

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