Posted on 10/07/2014 at 07:50 AM by Liz Determan

Learning about numbers is an area that we want covered in our preschool math curriculum, but what does that entail?  We want children to have exposure to:
•    Counting—use number sequence and one-to-one correspondence
•    Quantifying—identify how many are in a small set without counting
•    Comparing—use words like more, less, fewer, littler
•    Ordering—indicate first, second, third, etc.
•    Numerals—understand what they are
•    Combining—putting sets of objects together to find out how many
•    Separating—taking away objects to see how many are left
•    Sharing—understanding the concept of fair share
•    Set-Making—learned when distributing or passing out

All these areas are part of number learning, so do more than just count with children!  Get into The Creative Curriculum Mathematics Volume 4 book to learn about these areas.  And remember, all of these can be taught through play with children. 

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