Posted on 08/22/2016 at 03:03 PM by Liz Determan

“Children learn best when they interact with other people in a rich environment.” This quote from the foundation book of the Creative Curriculum is one that should be a foundation statement for every preschool.  INTERACTION and RICH ENVIRONMENT are crucial to children’s learning.

Classrooms should be organized as communities where children solve problems by talking about them – to adults and to peers. Thought and language are intertwined.  Learning and understanding result when children do, think, and talk. The relationship between the child and the teacher is critical to social development and cognitive success.

So start the year by establishing those positive relationships that lead to learning;

            •Get to know each child well.

            •Respect children’s ideas and efforts to solve  problems.

            •Acknowledge what children did and how they did it.

            •Provide learning experiences that are challenging but not frustrating.

            •Model self-talk to support children’s thinking.

            •Observe children purposefully and document what you see and hear.


Start building those relationships and have a great year!

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