Posted on 02/23/2017 at 08:12 AM by Liz Determan


On February 1, the Department of Education released the long-awaited revision of the Quality Preschool Program Standards. The new standards are available on the Department of Education website, under Early Childhood Education. There are fewer standards with redundant standards removed.  They remain rigorous in nature. The new standards will be used for all future site visits for preschools.

GOLD – ON-LINE Website revision

Teaching Strategies will be rolling out their new website for next year in the months ahead.  The format has been revised for easier accessibility and clarity.  On-line professional development has been added which will greatly enhance the understanding of the GOLD assessment.  Planning forms have been revised to create more flexibility in weekly planning.  And finally, the GOLD has been expanded to include levels up to grade 3.  This should make the tool easier to use with children who may be functioning beyond the five-year-old level, and for TK programs and/or kindergarten programs to use.



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