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August and September always bring a new start to a new school year. Early childhood/ preschool teachers spend time preparing their classrooms and curriculums for the young children that will enroll and spend the year developing new skills throughout the entire year. Teachers will spend the first few weeks getting to know all the children and their families in order to more appropriately meet their needs. What happens in those first few weeks sets the tone for the entire year and in many cases sets the basis for how these young children will view “going to school”! How does this happen? It happens through the relationship process:


-Teaching staff (teachers and other classroom staff) spend time getting to know the children to better understand how they view the world, how they interact with others, and what they already know. 

-Teaching staff get to know families because they are the “first and primary” teacher of their child and this relationship is important for building a solid assessment process that gathers information from all aspects of a child’s life. 

-Teaching staff are getting to know each other and other team members (school staff or outside agency staff) who help them plan and deliver their preschool program.


-Teaching staff build relationships and understanding of community resources that are available to support their teaching needs (options for class field trips or class visitors) as well as resources for meeting needs of young children and families. 

One example for starting the new year is a “field trip” around the school building so children are familiar with where things are located in the school, such as lunchrooms, special activities (PE, music, computer, library, etc.), as well as “who” are our building friends (principal, secretary, food workers, etc.). They also take time to help children get to know and understand what are appropriate behavior expectations in their programs. 

All of this EXTRA work in the first few weeks really significantly supports children and their families throughout the year AND we know that teaching staff also are better able to meet needs more long-term for the entire year! Each year is a “new beginning” and like no other year, so teaching staff need to design each and every year as its own unlike any other year!

Have a great year building those relationships for a solid foundation upon which learning will be built!

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