Posted on 09/20/2018 at 08:00 AM by Blog Experts

There’s a lot of buzz these days about the connection between young children and technology, so let’s look at the words of Fred Rogers.  He stated that, “It’s through relationships that we grow best—and learn best.”   The Fred Rogers Center claims that it is essential to always ask How does a child’s interaction with media and technology strengthen (1) the child’s relationship to self, (2) the child’s relationship to others and (3) the child’s relationship to the larger world, community and environment?  If we ask ourselves this question when making family and classroom decisions about media use, we may find ourselves doing things differently.  Important is not only about how much screen time we have, but also how the screen time is used.  Nothing says it better than Fred’s statement, “No matter how helpful they are as tools, and of course they can be very helpful tools, computers don’t begin to compare in significance to the teacher-child relationship which is human and mutual. A computer can help you to learn to spell H-U-G, but it can never know the risk or the joy of actually giving or receiving one.”

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