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It’s November already and time for the event we all look forward to. That being the end of Daylight Savings Time of course. With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, we often long for December 21st, the day of the Winter Solstice. That day being the shortest day of the year and marking the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere. Once that day arrives, daylight once again lengthens until June, when the cycle continues.  

We know that light is important for mental health, especially sunlight. So what is a teacher to do between now and December 21st? Here are some ideas:

#1:  Get your children outside as much as possible. Many children do not get the opportunity to get outside when home, so it’s up to you to immerse them in sunlight. Plan walking field trips, explorations, large motor games, observe the sky, measure shadows, notice changes in the trees, record the animals seen on different days, pretend to fly when the wind blows the towel cape you’re wearing… teachers- let your imaginations soar.

#2:  On days when you can’t be outside, do REAL gross motor inside.  This does not include sitting in the hall playing a quiet board game.  This means heart pumping active movement!  Exercise counteracts depression at almost every level.  It challenges and pushes not only our physical developmental levels, but prepares the brain for learning as well.  If you have something you really need your children to learn, give them heart pumping physical exercise prior to the learning.  

#3:  Be the light. Have you ever seen how a light in the summer draws insects to it at night? Be that kind of light. Let the children around you want to be in your presence. Draw in the families. Let the warmth from your light show coworkers they are loved and appreciated. You may never know the ripple effect your actions, even that of a simple smile might have on a person. And that person’s actions because of you, will have an impact on others which in turn has an impact on….. the world.  

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