Posted on 01/27/2020 at 02:47 PM by Blog Experts

Mystery Reader.  In a recent post by Sally Haughey with Fairy Dust Teaching, she described one of her favorite ways to get families involved in the classroom.  It was to have them be Mystery Readers.  They way she did it was so fun it has to be shared.

The lights are off and the Mystery Reader is hidden behind a sheet w/ a light shining on him/her so all the children can see is the silloutte.  The Reader does not speak until the children figure out who the Reader is by asking Yes/No questions.  The Reader responds to the questions by a thumbs up for “yes” or a thumbs down for “no.”  Once the children guess who the Mystery Reader is, the curtain is lifted and the Reader reads the book.  

What a great way to get families involved!  And what a great way to get your students excited about reading.  Bonus: They learn how to ask questions!

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