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Inquiry, inquiry, and more inquiry is what is hot! inquiry-based science is an interactive means of instruction which engages students in learning in meaningful ways. This type of instruction gives students the opportunity to question and delve into investigations. Students will become more responsible for their education compared to other practices. The goal of inquiry-based instruction is to help students gain a better understanding of the world through actively engaging them in real-life experiences.

A classroom exhibiting inquiry-based science will consist of group projects, collaborating, outdoor exploring, and student investigations. The teacher will not be considered the bank of knowledge, but rather the facilitator of learning. The students will accept the invitation to learn when it involves inquiry. They will start to view themselves as scientists and start communicating using a variety of methods.

If you are interested in learning more about using inquiry in your classroom you can call or email me. I will give you resources to use or I can come to your classroom and model a lesson. I have also included some websites you can reference for help in incorporating this strategy in your classroom. Also, if anyone has any successes you have had using this strategy then please share, share, share (on the forum)!

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Jody Herbold



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