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Looking for a great way to connect seasonal change to some essential science concepts? Consider the free instructional website Journey North for K-12 students and their teachers:


Journey North is an internet-based program that engages students in watching for signs of spring, such as a tulip blooming, the sighting of a monarch butterfly or whooping crane, or the increasing length of day. Using the website, students can share their observations with thousands of other students and their teachers across North America.


Journey North activities allow students to learn about the arrival of spring through observation, inquiry, research, and the sharing of data.  Extensive teaching materials are available at no charge on the website. Teachers can also take advantage of the following: advice from teachers, reading strategies, instructional activities, inquiry strategies, and assessment strategies. Not to mention, the beautiful informative reading booklets and slideshows to use in the classroom!


So go ahead and catch the “Spring Fever!”


Go to the following link to preview a printable booklet which enhances the monarch learning experience. There are many booklets available to download and print for student use.

Your Partners in Education,

Brian Nelsen and Jody Herbold


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