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So here I am writing my third blog in my life. When I was asked to do this I was hesitant to even accept. I had no idea how to write a blog and I’m still not sure if I know how to. As I got started and searched the internet for other educational blogs, I learned that I could really write about anything! 

I want to share some blogs that I have enjoyed reading these past few months and continue to look forward to reading. They are:

Scholastic—A group of teachers that each have their own great blog topics. Great information and ideas.

The Principal's Page—Very funny and light.  A Principal writes about his job, the ups and downs of being a principal and his family (his wife is an elementary teacher who their daughter, The Evil Spawn, is in her class.  This is a great blog to follow.

Teacher Lingo—This is probably my favorite site. This site collects many educational blogs and puts them all in one place.

Do you have any educational blogs that you like to go to? I’d love to check them out.

Emily Koson, Instructional Coach

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