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If you’re looking for something unusual to send
As a present this Christmas to some good old friend,
I think you will find that an excellent gift
Is a Fluff-footed, Frizzle-topped, Three-fingered Zift.

A fine gift to give in all gift giving seasons,
He makes a fine present for twenty- three reasons.
The first reason is: He won’t talk in his sleep.
The second reason is that his food is quite cheap.
The third reason is: If you go anywhere
You can take him along on the train for half fare.
The fourth reason is: He is a friendly with eagles
And won’t pick a fight with your neighborhood beagles.
The fifth reason is: When you talk on the phone
He won’t make a racket or blow a trombone.
The sixth reason is that this wonderful pet
Doesn’t smell terribly bad when he’s wet
And the rest of the reasons I sort of forget,
But I certainly do recommend as a gift
The Fluff-footed, Frizzle-topped, Three-fingered Zift.
                    Dr. Seuss

 This poem is so much fun to use for tons of fluency activities: choral reading, reader’s theater, echo reading, partner reading.  Also use it for vocabulary, rhyming and drawing.  My students always had a blast reading it. 

What are some activities that you could use this poem for?

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