Posted on 01/18/2011 at 08:20 AM by Global Reach

In our surrounding school districts teachers and students were out of school for 7 to 9 days for Christmas break. Then we were back in the swing of things back at school. This past weekend we got plummeted with 14 inches of snow (in a 2 day period). Well, we knew Monday was going to be a snow day by Sunday evening. Whoo hoo! Then Tuesday was iffy. Will it be a snow day or late start? 

My friend posted on Facebook (who’s a 3rd grade teacher on the East Coast) “Do I get the work done just in case or do I have the extra day to get it done?” 

Take advantage of a snow day and don’t do anything!!! Maybe catch up on some emails and your blogs that you follow, but think of a snow day as a gift. Stay inside and catch up on your shows that are on your DVR, go sledding with your kids, bake, take a nap, do anything!

For those of you that don’t like snow days because it throws off your lesson plans or you needed to get some work done, chill out, literally! I’ve learned that whatever you don’t get done, will get done the next day. 

If you have to add on days at the end of the school calendar due to too many snow days, that’s another story. Then we don’t want that many snow days.

My friend did get her snow day. Her comment was, “I plan on reading a book that has nothing to do with teaching and that is way above my students’ reading and comprehension level.”

Bring on the snow days! (But not too many.)



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