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Ponder This: 
“Every day, be a little bit better than you were yesterday.”

Try This:
Tiny Lists -  Make a list of your students in excel and numbered order or ABC.  Then shrink to a size that you are able to still read.  Make multiple copies and keep on your desk for easy access.  Use them for any time that you need to see who has what or not (homework turned in, permission slips returned, positive notes sent home, etc). 
How would you use your tiny lists? 

Google This:
ohLife helps you remember what’s happened in your life.  You can receive a daily or weekly email where you just reply back with what’s been happening.  Imagine the possibilities for classroom use!  I’ve actually just started one. 
Read This:
Children Who Can Read, But Don't...
Have you heard these excuses before for not reading?  It’s boring, there’s no time, it’s no fun, it’s not important.
This is a great article to share with parents.  Includes 20 ways to encourage reading. 

If you could tap into your inner courage, what would you do today that would make you proud?

Emily Koson, Instructional Coach

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